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== attending ==
== attending ==
* [[User:Stuiterveer|Stuiterveer]]
* [[User:Stuiterveer|Stuiterveer]]
* [[User:Xopr|xopr]] (probably Saturday)
{{hint to add yourself}}
{{hint to add yourself}}

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You are looking at an event that took place in the past
Event: Congress everywhere
Featured: Yes
State: Planned
Start date: 2019/08/21
Start time: 11:00
End date: 2019/08/30
End time: 18:10
Contact: Stuiterveer, Xopr
Kind: Conference
Location: Location::ACKspace
URL: https://events.ccc.de/camp/2019/wiki/Congress Everywhere
Fee: Free
Short description: Watch a hacker congress or camp live on a projector in the space, or listen to it via the phone.


The idea is, for people unable to attend the upcoming hacker congress or camp, to visit the hackerspace and watch the streams together on a projector screen.

Alternatively, people traveling can join the teleconference.

It's a lot of fun if enough people join!

Also, we should have a christmas tree with pixelflut leds around that time, so it's fun to show off your script/program.

More info on the discussion page.


Hint: add yourself by typing:

* ~~~

roadmap / Fahrplan

See CCC's Fahrplan for more info

video streams

Streams can be opened directly from Kodi, VLC or possibly your favorite media player. xopr first used a shell script to control XBMC/Kodi. After that we had multicast streams (including a mosaic overview) several years on a row. You can find the config here. The video links can be found here:

Saal Adams Native linklinklinklinklinklink
Saal Adams Translated linklinklinklinklinklink
Saal Borg Native linklinklinklinklinklink
Saal Borg Translated linklinklinklinklinklink
Saal Clarke Native linklinklinklinklinklink
Saal Clarke Translated linklinklinklinklinklink
Saal Dijkstra Native linklinklinklinklinklink
Saal Dijkstra Translated linklinklinklinklinklink
Saal Eliza Native linklinklinklinklinklink
Saal Eliza Translated linklinklinklinklinklink
Chaos West Bühne Native linklinklinklinklinklink
Chaos West Bühne Translated linklinklinklinklinklink
WikiPakaWG Esszimmer Native linklinklinklinklinklink
WikiPakaWG Esszimmer Translated linklinklinklinklinklink
Open Infrastructure Orbit Native linklinklinklinklinklink
Open Infrastructure Orbit Translated linklinklinklinklinklink

audio streams (phone)

We have conference audio streams (off and on since 2011), which now has been standardized.

Following the dialplan, there are two lists of extensions reserved for conferences: 130x and 139x where the last number (1-9) stands for the corresponding stage/room, while the difference between the first and last series is whether you are allowed to chat with other callers ("party line at 9"). See Telephone system:shoutcast streams for the FreeSWITCH configuration.

If you hear the SIT, that means no stream is configured for that conference room.


previous versions

List of German hacker conferences
Chaos Communication Camp Chaos Communication Congress
2020 rC3
2019 CCC 2019 36C3
2018 35C3
2017 34C3
2016 33C3
2015 CCC 2015 32C3
2014 31C3
2013 30C3
2012 29C3
2011 CCC 2011 28C3

events in 2018

The mosaic was working again after a lot of compatibility issues with newer VLC versions. More than 4 cores are recommended to process all 8 streams for 35C3.

stuiterveer fixed the streams after deploying SpaceWorkhorse with an older version of VLC (lots of trial and error) and started virtualization of the services.
Attended Stats
  • 4 days of streaming
  • 8 SD streams
  • 3 days of getting the mosaic to work
  • 2 Ubuntu/VLC downgrades to resolve compatibility issues with the mosaic
  • 7 liters of chocolate milk, of which 4 liters were consumed
  • 1 can of whipped cream
  • 4 liters of glühwein, of which 1.5 liters were consumed
  • 0.9 liters of beer distributed amongst 3 people
  • unknown amount of Club Mate
  • unknown amounts of coffee
  • 24 buns
  • 1 pack of cheese
  • 2 packs of meat for on the buns
  • unknown amounts of pizza and kapsalon
  • 1 pack of shrimp salad
  • 1 subproject
  • 2 fixes
  • 8 improvements

events in 2017

The mosaic failed (streams would turn in to purple static blobs), but we had 2 TV's and 2 projectors to open all primary HD streams at once.

Christmas lights were upgraded to ESPixelflut lights. Also, a wiki stream table template was created.
Attended Stats
  • 4 days of streaming
  • 4 HD streams, almost continuously
  • slow internet (due to the christmas tree project)
  • 1 liter of milk
  • 6.5 liters of chocolate milk
  • 2 bottles of Coconut rum
  • 3 cans of whipped cream
  • 2 packs of waffles
  • 1 bottle of Liqueur 42+1
  • 1.5 bottle of wine
  • >15 liters of beer
  • 1 sunrise
  • unknown amount of Club Mate
  • 1 pots of coffee
  • 28 buns
  • 1 pack of cheese
  • 12 hamburgers
  • 1 pack of bacon strips
  • 1 pack of sellery salad
  • 1 pack of egg salad
  • 1 pack of shrimp salad
  • 200 RGB leds
  • 6 subprojects
  • 4 fixes
  • 8 improvements

events in 2016

Few known data for this year's events; We had new (dedicated) christmas lights, a telefonference party line was added (and the nummber of rooms were extended)
Attended Stats
  • Not even sure if the projector was dusted off

events in 2015

Few known data for this year's events, but we had an NFC programmable (fire hazard) christmas tree.
Attended Stats
  • 4 days of streaming
  • 5 multicast streams
Attended Stats
  • 5 days of streaming
  • 5 multicast streams
  • slow internet (due to multicasting and switches not configurable)
  • 3 screens/projectors
  • 1 liter of milk
  • 1 liter of buttermilk
  • 1.5 liters of Rosé
  • >22 icecreams
  • 14.2 liters of beer
  • unknown amount of Club Mate
  • 6.8 liters of coffee
  • 3 big and 30 small bags of crisps/chips
  • 20 frikandel rolls
  • 20 buns
  • 2 lites of fristi
  • 2.5 bread
  • 3 packs of cheese
  • 3 packs of ham
  • 1 pack of sellery salad

events in 2014

Let's try multicast! We also had our first Christmas tree with Neopixels.
Attended Stats
  • 4 days of streaming
  • 5 multicast streams
  • 3 broken wifi networks (due to multicasting)
  • 3 screens/projectors
  • internet reached temperatures of -4°C (because it's running outside)
  • 4 liters of (warm) chocolate milk
  • 3 liters of ice tea
  • 2 liters of milk
  • 4.5 liters of beer
  • unknown amount of Club Mate
  • 3 liters of coffee
  • 2 cans of whipped cream
  • 20 donuts (oliebollen)
  • 1 almond bar
  • 3 bags of crisps/chips
  • 1 pack of cashew nuts
  • 4 frikandel rolls
  • 15 buns
  • 1 pack of cheese
  • 1 pack of turkey slices
  • 1 pack of chicken-curry spread
  • 15 hours of sleep

events in 2013

xopr had a script to remote control his XBMC box. Also, the teleconference mechanism was improved (single stream per room).
  • PsychiC (Only a few evenings though)

events in 2012

Few known data for this year's events, but we were running multiple streams in several rooms (slACKspace and hACKspace on the Putgraaf).

events in 2011

This was our first congress everywhere (also known as "no nerd left behind") at the xCBS building. We already had teleconference streams to meet our challenge of one room and multiple streams.
  1. Vicarious
  2. Prodigity
  3. Roelke
  4. PsychiC (Only a few evenings though)
  5. Da_Syntax not all days
  6. Xopr (some evenings)