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Carbon6 en de meeste gevestigde ondernemers houden een open dag op zaterdag 30 maart tussen 11:00 en 17:00.

Ook ACKspace zal haar deuren openen voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in hackerspaces en de projecten waar we aan werken. Verschillende deelnemers zullen over hun projecten vertellen, alsmede interesses, ideeën, soms vergezeld met een workshop en/of open discussies.


Carbon6 and most of the established entrepeneurs will have an open door day on Saturday 30 March between 11:00 and 17:00.

ACKspace too will open her doors for all who are interested in hackerspaces and the projects we are working on.
Various participants will show their projects, interests and ideas along with some workshops and open discussions.


Carbon6 und die meisten der etablierten Unternehmer haben am Samstag 30 März zwischen 11:00 und 17:00 einen Tag der offenen Tür.

Auch ACKspace öffnet ihre Türen für alle, die sich für Hackerspaces und die Projekte, an denen wir arbeiten, interessieren. Verschiedene Teilnehmer zeigen ihre Projekte, Interessen und Ideen sowie Workshops und offene Diskussionen.

previous events

Open Door Day 25-3-2017

Open door day 2017 poster

This was our ninth open door day!

Open Door Day CB6 18-9-2016

Open Door Day 26-3-2016

Open door day 2016 poster

Open Door Day 28-3-2015

Open Door Day 2015.png

Open Door Day 30-3-2013

The open door day was a success! A lot of people came by and had a chat.

Stuff what was happening:

  • Epic epoch clock demonstration
  • Automatic roller door demonstration
  • Some playing around with VoIP (including a one-to-one workshop FreeSWITCH, and a different VoIP approach)
  • We've managed to salvage a Commodore 64! (Thanks Zapman!)
  • We've also made it to the local newspaper or DeUitdagingenVanHeerlenseHackers.pdf
  • And one of the most important things: New ideas have come up, and valueable knowledge has been exchanged.

(add here what I might have forgotten)

Things which haven't made it, but will be done another time:

  • Presentation and workshop JavaScript (allthough xopr did a quick glance over JS for Prodigity the day after)
  • Full hands-on FreeSWITCH on Raspberry Pi
  • Game:Jump_Wheel (JavaScript + jump pads)

Open Door Day 31-3-2012

Dutch Hackerspaces Open Door Day - Saturday, March 31st, 2012
  • Electronics and Micro-Controllers
  • Audio/Video controlling and processing
  • Telephony / SIP
  • (Wireless) Networking
  • Lockpicking
  • CAcert key signing
  • Puzzling
  • (Retro) Gaming
  • Development and Coding

Open Door Day 26-11-2011


Projecten en bezichtigingen die opgezet waren:


Projects and exhibited items:

Pics or it didn't happen

Open Door Day 26-2-2011

On 26 februari 2011, 4 days before the official key handover and a month before the official opening party, we were allowed to participate in the collective xCBS open door days. This date can be seen as the officious start of hackerspace ACKspace. The only public event before that was the hackerspace kickoff in cafe Pelt

We only had a beanbag, lack rack, a couple of chairs, an amplifier with some speakers, a LED display and a logo.

Pics or it didn't happen