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|Start date=2017/02/04
|Start date=2017/02/04
|Start time=09:30
|Start time=09:30

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You are looking at an event that took place in the past
State: Completed
Start date: 2017/02/04
Start time: 09:30
End date: 2017/02/05
End time: 18:00
Contact: xopr
Kind: Conference
Location: Brussels
URL: https://fosdem.org/
Fee: free
Short description: FOSDEM is a free event that offers open source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

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previous events


FOSDEM 2016 was january 30th and 31st 2016.

We stayed at Les Auberge de Jeunesse Génération Europe, which was super cheap, cozy, tidy and pretty fancy. And they had special beers and trappist for €3,- at most!

All in all, I think I can state that we had great fun!


  1. xopr
  2. Stuiterveer
  3. Da Syntax
  4. CoolePascal+1 (only on sunday, we didn't have a change to meet, unfortunately)