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* [[User:PsychiC|PsychiC]]
* [[User:PsychiC|PsychiC]]
* [[User:Xopr|xopr]]
* [[User:Xopr|xopr]]
* [[User:Roelke|Roelke]]
{{hint to add yourself}}
{{hint to add yourself}}

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You are looking at an event that took place in the past
Event: Hackers on a Bike
State: Planned
Start date: 2016/05/15
Start time: TBD
End date: 2016/05/15
End time: TBD
Contact: xopr
Kind: Meeting, Party
Location: across Limburg
Fee: none, bring your bike
Short description: hackers across Limburg visit ACKspace by bike

the idea

Visiting ACKspace by bike, just because we can.

Close off with a barbecue

Hackers on a Barbecue

In short: cycling->energy burning->hunger->barbecue. All participants (also the ones which don't own a bike) are welcome.

Add yourself to this list for food:

Hint: add yourself by typing:

* ~~~

things to consider

  • bicycle repair tools
  • proper clothing (against rain and wind)
  • Spacenet access which travels with us
  • food + drinks (and plates + cutlery)

Have any ideas to bring? Put them on the discussion page so we can make a short list

update (May 10)

The weather doesn't look very good, but with Dutch forecasting, that's usually a good thing

In short (as of 10th of May) 13°C max, 65% @ 1.5mm max, W/NW3-4bft, 40% sun

when will the cycling be?

  • aimed for sunday May 15th (Pentecost a.k.a. Pinksterweekend), therefore, we could call it Pinknick reverently.

Alternate days would be 11+12 or 18+19 June.

Statistics have pointed out that it is best to cycle in May or early June. (See Klimaat van Nederland, Klimaat van België, Klimaat van Maastricht and Klimaatinfo.nl Limburg, all Dutch)

Here is some information on holidays for picking dates that are close to a public holiday:

School vacation (S)
School vacation (S) & Construction industry holidays (S)
Public holiday

previous events & test runs

Some strategic distances:

  • Herkenbosch-Heerlen is about 35 km (crosses German border)
  • Weert-Heerlen is about 50km (crosses Belgium border)
  • Weert-Herkenbosch-Heerlen will be about 60km

This are the test runs:


  • did a test run the 6th of july 2013 (it was actually to receive the prize of a bet which I won: Achel Trappist № 5)
    cycled 72 kilometer and found out that the comfort limit of an untrained person will be about 60km a day, so best practice is to keep the complete tour under this amount.
  • Repeated this in 2014 (no data)
  • Went to Achel and Valkenswaard again and cycled about 75km without any hassle in an estimated 5 hours. Good position of the saddle is key.

Da Syntax

did a full run from Herkenbosch to Heerlen the 13th of july 2013. Great success! (xopr guesses)
did another test run on the 14th of july. First together with Xopr Heerlen-Weert. After a couple of beers in Weert i continued my journey Weert-Herkenbosch. This comes to a total of +/- 80km that day. So i (syntax) guess it should be possible for a untrained person to cycle 80km in a day (maybe beer functions as a good motivator).