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(f00d (ownage) label printer: - added name and linked to Zebra label printer)
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* [[User:Xopr|xopr]]
* [[User:Xopr|xopr]]
* [[User:Vicarious|Vicarious]]
* [[User:Vicarious|Vicarious]]
* [[User:Prodigity|Prodigity]]
== challenge accepted! ==
== challenge accepted! ==

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Project: Patches welcome
State Active
Members Everybody
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Patches for the following items are very welcome!
(add your name and/or wish to this list)


workshop bitcoin

Would like to have a workshop bitcoin

workshop PGP

Would like to have a workshop PGP

(workshop) privacy café

Would like to have a workshop privacy café (how to add more privacy to your computer)



Would like to see a proper ACKsess implementation

ACKspace village

Would like to see as much ACKers as possible at SHA2017 just like at OHM2013

challenge accepted!

Would like to see more challenges like the Line Following Robot happening


Would like to see a better wiki image gallery (known as lightbox)

christmas tree

Would like to see a decorated christmas tree with lights and more!


Would like to see a proper dialplan where ACKers can call internal extensions (and each other)

  • xopr (can help)
  • Vicarious (limited FreeSWITCH knowledge, dibs on extension 1984)

ACKade speakers

Would like to see new speakers built-in the ACKade

f00d (ownage) label printer

Would like to see a label printer that prints a date stamp (and username) for food in the fridge (and possibly an instant ownage-sticker for stuff in the space). The label printer itself is documented, now we need to work on a script to create a date stamp/property sticker.