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Project: Patches welcome
Featured: Yes
State Active
Members Everybody
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Patches for the following items are very welcome!
(add your name and/or wish to this list)


workshop bitcoin

Would like to have a workshop bitcoin

workshop PGP

Would like to have a workshop PGP

(workshop) privacy café

Would like to have a workshop privacy café (how to add more privacy to your computer)



Would like to see a proper ACKsess implementation

ACKspace village

Would like to see as much ACKers as possible at SHA2017 just like at OHM2013

challenge accepted!

Would like to see more challenges happening like

a Line Following Robot

a traffic light simulation

A school example of an electronics/software exercise, to learn about Arduino, FPGA, PLC or other logic devices

  • xopr (have some ideas sketched out)


Would like to see a proper dialplan where ACKers can call internal extensions (and each other)

  • xopr (can help, need a new VM)
  • Vicarious (limited FreeSWITCH knowledge, dibs on extension 1984)

ACKade speakers

Would like to see new speakers built-in the ACKade

f00d (ownage) label printer

Would like to see a label printer that prints a date stamp (and username) for food in the fridge (and possibly an instant ownage-sticker for stuff in the space). The label printer itself is documented, now we need to work on a script to create a date stamp/property sticker.

christmas tree (semi-done: it had lights and cookies)

Would like to see a decorated christmas tree with lights and more!

  • xopr (can help)
  • Cloud (will make some like last year)

lightbox (done)

Would like to see a better wiki image gallery (known as lightbox)