Portable electronics workbench

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Project: Portable electronics workbench
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State Completed
Members Xopr
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Description Workbench on-the-go
Bench open.jpg

This project page is more of a reference to xopr's notes: About 4-4.5 years ago I needed to take measures to turn my guest bedroom/workshop/storage into a babyroom. To still be able to do some tinkering, I've decided to create a portable electronics workbench with small and fairly cheap tools:

  • 170W laptop power brick
  • DSO138 oscilloscope
  • DPS3005 30V 5A lab power supply
  • TS100 soldering iron
  • multimeter
  • some banana plug cables
  • box with electronic hardware and dev boards
  • various pliers and screwdrivers
  • locks and handlebar from an old hardware case from back when it was popular to walk around with a desktop-pc-in-suitcase

I've designed the bench using Sketchup with 9mm MDF walls in mind.

The model I've created to derive the measurements from is here (zip)