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You are looking at an event that took place in the past
Event: SHA2017
Featured: No
State: Planned
Start date: 2017/08/04
Start time: Note: The 4th of August is the day that SHA2017 actually starts but some volunteers go earlier to help set up.
End date: 2017/08/08
End time:
Contact: Prodigity, xopr, PsychiC, Roelke, Eagle00789, Da Syntax, Computer1up, Vicarious, Pmwq
Kind: Conference, Festival
Location: The Netherlands

"The location is the Scoutinglandgoed in Zeewolde, 55km east of Amsterdam."

Fee: Standard ticket: €250,-

Parking ticket: €42,-

Short description: Still Hacking Anyway 2017. Successor of OHM2013.

Like many other hackerspaces, some of us (ACKspace) are also going to attend this conference. It would be awesome to attend the conference as Village:ACKspace.

12 days left


Some people wish to go earlier then the 4th of August and may want to leave later then the 8th. To make traveling and hauling stuff easier it's probably best if people 'try' to sync their dates. See 'travel plan' and 'bringing stuff' for more info.

There is also a telegram group for people who want to join the village:

Name Attending date Leaving date Can drive Has car Rides With... Extra Information
xopr 3 aug 9 aug yes Unlikely PsychiC?
Prodigity flexible flexible yes not sure yet, will update..
PsychiC 1 or 2 aug 10 or 11 aug yes yes
  1. xopr?
Roelke 3 aug 9 aug yes yes space for a lot of luggage
Eagle00789 3 aug 9 aug yes yes
  1. computer1up
  1. free
  2. free
ordered 1 Table 180*76cm
Da Syntax
Computer1up flexible flexible no no Eagle00789 first time
👉👉 😿 😵 😿 😵 😿 👉 Booooooooooooys niiiiiiiiiiiiight!!! also: vegetarian... (sorry)

travel plan

Parking tickets and gas are expensive so carpooling or public transport seem like the way to go.

There will be a shuttling service from Nijkerk station to the SHA2017 terrain but I'm under the impression that the service will only run from the 4th till the 8th and thus not be of use to people who might want to go earlier / later to help with setting up and breaking down stuff.

Google maps shows that walking from the train station to the SHA terrain could take up to 2 hours which is probably not a fun experience when you're carrying four days worth of camping stuff + random crap.

Seeing as a lot of people went to OHM early I'm going to 'conclude' that carpooling would probably be the best way to travel.

bringing stuff

We need to bring stuff.. only not as much stuff as we had with us during OHM because that was full retard and you should never go full retard..

Dinsdag 02 Augustus 2017 is er vrijwel zeker een truck (busje 18m3) beschikbaar voor transport.

Daar kunnen de ACKspace spullen dus in mee.

Wel is het dan zaak :

- er klaar staat wat er mee moet , zie lijst hieronder

- dit niet belachelijk veel is (lees geen pallets vol met kratten)

- wat mee gaat transport gereed is, d.w.z. kratten/kisten/boxen/dekens etc. fragiele of losse meuk gaat niet mee

- 2 (extra) personen aanwezig zijn om mee te helpen laden , wie bieden zich hiervoor aan

wat gaat mee? cursief: twijfelachtig, vet: voor algemeen gebruik

ACKspace Eagle00789 Roelke xopr
2 stoelen?
rugged laptop
vlag + deken
witte gaffa tape
grote tent
2 stoelen
2 mengpanelen
andon light
arduino + ESP

buying stuff

No receipt, no cash!

Since there are multiple people who might do shopping, take these guidelines into account:

  • Always ask for a receipt; write your name on it, make a copy and hand it over to the group (just like in the space)
  • don't buy goods (or food) that is not on the shopping list: buy it separately or scratch it off the receipt

before shopping, ask around first (sync!)

PsychiC had met Xopr hierover al overlegd. We weten dat we gezamenlijk spullen nodig hebben en dat hiervoor geld benodigd is.

Om een hoop gedoe met geld achteraf overmaken te voorkomen, leek het ons handig om vooraf alvast een pot te hebben.

Dit is niets anders dan de contributie die je voor de space betaald, hier worden immers ook algemene zaken van gekocht :)

Voorstel is om per persoon 20 EUR cash in te leggen bij start van event.

Uiteraard mag je kiezen of je hieraan deelneemt.

Stuff we need when living in our village:

  • drinks (soda, juice and beer)
  • food (probably primarily meat; we'll make a list of preferences and demands on-site)
  • kitchen roll and/or toilet paper


SHA2017 kick-off meeting
SHA2017 field day

other versions

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Also note: there is a yearly Hacker Hotel event