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Project: SpaceAPI
State Active
Members Vicarious, CoolePascal, Prodigity, Da Syntax, xopr
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Description HackerSpace Status API
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See SpaceAPI website for details.

current version

  • Updated JSON object to become SpaceAPI 0.13 compliant (see status.php)
    • Content type and Cache-Control headers are now sent
    • Now uses location object
    • Now uses state object
    • Space state now has a third state; null. (In case of uncertain state)
    "address":"Kloosterweg 1, 6412 CN Heerlen, The Netherlands",
      "type": "text/calendar",
      "url": ""
      "31457112345, extension 1333"
	"message":"open for public",
  • Uploaded it to but the URL can be changed if necessary..
  • From the SpaceAPI website: "In order to be able to retrieve the object from within a javascript sandbox, the server of the JSON object should set the ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header with a value of ‘*’ ".
  • Added the JSON object to the existing Space state PHP script. Thanks CoolePascal for the help with the PHP stuff!

new version

user:Da Syntax and xopr are working on a new implementation of the API. This enables us to add sensors and other parts of the official API as well.


  • created database for space state (log) and sensor values
  • new php code online (currently running parallel with the old version)
  • created new space state hardware interface using the ESP8266 which connects to the same old switch


  • implement the temperature backend (PHP/MySQL)
  • update the Dallas temperature probe and space state firmware
  • update this wiki page with the sources
  • change the front page iframe into a real widget ( )