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Completed ProjectsMembersDescriptionGitHub
Geek whipVicariousMake a whip from a bunch of Cat 5 cables
IRC ACKspace-statusbotStefandeVries
An IRC-bot that provides SpaceAPI (and other) information upon request
IoTapsDa SyntaxConnecting a beertap to the internet
Key PanelEagle00789Have a centralized place for the space keys
Kit BZzZzZttTTTT!!!ProdigityDraad lus spel
Korte golf luisterenDanny WitbergLuister naar de wondere wereld van de korte golf
LED christmas treeUser:xopr
Blinken lights!
LED sleeveUser:xoprART-net controlled cylindrical-ish display
LedWallPsychiCFixing an awesome LED-Wall
LibraryEagle00789Just an index of our Library
This is the inventory of the library from the putgraaf. Since then, the books have moved four times
LogoVicariousA logo for ACKspace
Lounge connectDanny WitbergJe wilt iets doen in de lounge?
This is the setup of the old (putgraaf's) slACKspace. The new version is slightly less complex (but still needs documentation)
MADI transceiverDanny WitbergThis project descibes a MADI transceiver in VHDL
Mac RGB LampVicarious
Da Syntax
RGB LED light inside empty Mac case
Mead brewingProdigityBrewing mead
Mobile Spacestate IndicatorVicarious
Da Syntax
Replace the factory car center console lights with a hackerspace state indicator
The new system uses an ESP8266, which is not yet documented
NASDanny Witberg
Da Syntax
"This is data!"
OpenBSD Firewall / PFVicarious
building a gateway on openbsd
Programming multicore microcontrollersDanny WitbergThis project describes the programming of multicore microcontrollers