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You are looking at an event that took place in the past
Event: The Hague Hacks
Featured: No
State: Planned
Start date: 2018/12/14
Start time: 9:30
End date: 2018/12/14
End time: 18:30
Kind: Workshop
Location: The Hague Humanity Hub, Fluwelen Burgwal 58, 2511 CJ Den Haag, The Netherlands
Fee: €5 - €15
Short description: An integrated workshop-based programme where experts in the fields of peace and justice meet coders, developers, artists, philosophers and designers.

The Hague Hacks information

On Friday, December 14th, professionals in the fields of peace and justice will meet coders, developers, artists, philosophers and designers during the yearly Hague Hacks festival. More than 100 thinkers and makers will assemble for a full-day of ideation and co-creation during which they will formulate questions and prototype potential solutions for tomorrow's problems. An integrated workshop-based programme led by experts will provide depth to broaden ideas and views and stimulate the participants to come up with fresh answers.

The Hague Hacks is a sustainable multidisciplinary platform for the research and development of tech solutions to humanitarian challenges. The initiative hopes to stimulate new partnerships and opportunities on a long-term basis, promoting the development and use of current and emerging technologies for the propagation of peace and justice.

With multidisciplinary workshops, inspiring pitches and good food, they will focus on the struggles that Human Rights Defenders and activists are facing day-to-day by addressing the following challenges:

   ‘Killed by Social Media’ (Bangladesh)
   ‘Dealing with Dictators’ (Rwanda)
   ‘Diaspora, Free at Last?’ (The Netherlands)
   ‘Institutional Slavery’ (North Korea)
   ‘Tech Trust and Torture’ (Pakistan)
   ’Platforms for Peace’ (Burundi)
   ’Low Tech Rules’ (Sudan)

To learn more visit The Hague Hacks website where more detailed descriptions of each workshop can be found. The ideas and proposals which will be generated during this event will be evaluated and translated into long-term projects to produce achievable solutions with the support of The Hague Hacks, involving funding organizations, human right activists and tech experts.

Visiting The Hague Hacks

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During The Hague Hacks 2018 participants will focus on six humanitarian challenges, each with their own specific needs and problems, in six parallel workshops, for: Bangladesh, Burundi, The Netherlands, North Korea, Rwanda, and Sudan (Darfur). Check the website to read more about the topics.

- 09:30 Meet and Coffee

- 10:00 Festival Opening

- 10:30 Human Rights Defenders’ Challenges (1st Panel and Presentations)

- 11:00 Human Rights Defenders’ Challenges (2nd Panel and Presentations)

- 11:30 Break

- 11:45 Inspiring Tech Pitches

- 12:00 Interviewing Success Stories, with Hack the Planet and Timby

- 12:30 Lunch

- 13:30 Discovery Workshops (1st Session)

- 15:30 Break

- 15:45 Focus Workshops (2nd Session)

- 17:15 Plenary Presentations

- 17:30 Human Rights Defenders’ Panel and Discussions

- 18:00 Festival Send-Off and Drinks

Choices of workshop group participation (1st and 2nd choice) need to be forwarded to

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