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There are several people having a key; if you are a participant, you will probably know all of them. They have the responsibility to open and close the space for you, and therefore Xopr has put calling credit available to be able to reach those persons with a central telephone number/extension


With permission of the key people, their phone numbers are stored in the telephone system.

If you call ACKspace, the IVR will tell you if the space is closed.

You then can dial 1333 (the key people service) which will try and contact the key persons sequentially in order of proximity/mobility for approximately 20 seconds and will start over at the first one.

Note: the dialplan might hit a shared line. Always introduce yourself, explain the situation, and ask for the person who has the key for opening ACKspace.

technical implementation

The next snippet has the following actions:

  • set music on hold
  • ignore early media (pre-answer) of the trunk so that we can define the timeout ourselves
  • hangup after bridge will stop the dialplan processing (and terminate) the A leg (calling party) if the B leg (called party) hangs up
  • continue on fail will continue iterating the dialplan if the called party cannot be reached (busy/offline)
  • originate continue on timeout will cause the bridge to continue after a timeout (needed to call the next sequential number)
  • set call timeout to 19 seconds (hopefully, this will prevent the voicemails to accept calls after 20 seconds
  • set the ACKspace caller id so that the key persons can see ACKspace is calling
  • do the calling bridge to the chosen numbers (currently hardcoded here)
  • on failure, transfer to extension 1333 again which will cause a loop
<extension name="key-people">
  <condition field="destination_number" expression="^1333$">
    <action application="set" data="ringback=$${hold_music}"/>
    <action application="set" data="ignore_early_media=true"/>

    <action application="set" data="hangup_after_bridge=true"/>
    <action application="set" data="continue_on_fail=true"/>
    <action application="set" data="originate_continue_on_timeout=true"/>
    <action application="set" data="call_timeout=19"/>

    <action application="set" data="effective_caller_id_number=${outbound_caller_id}"/>

    <action application="bridge" data="sofia/gateway/myCellProvider/316xxxxxxxx|sofia/gateway/myCellProvider/316xxxxxxxx|sofia/gateway/myCellProvider/316xxxxxxxx|sofia/gateway/myLandLineProvider/3145xxxxxxx/sofia/gateway/myCellProvider/316xxxxxxxx"/>
    <action application="transfer" data="1333 XML default"/>
    <action application="hangup"/>


  • Fix forwarding to voicemail (skip key)
  • add personal calling time preferences