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Completed ProjectsCompleted Projects#MembersDescriptionGitHub
Programming multicore microcontrollersProgramming multicore microcontrollersDanny WitbergThis project describes the programming of multicore microcontrollers
Quincy - Quartus Network CompilerQuincy - Quartus Network CompilerProdigity
Danny Witberg
Synthesizing FPGA designs on a VM!
Richtlijnen voor het maken van een zelf te etsen printjeRichtlijnen voor het maken van een zelf te etsen printjeDanny WitbergDit project gaat over het ontwerpen van een printplaat die je zelf zou kunnen (laten) etsen.
Rolpoort bedieningRolpoort bedieningDa Syntax
Control the gate using your cellphone
SIM readerSIM readerVicariousSIM reader with serial port
SMD workshopSMD workshopDanny Witbergtranscript of the SMD workshop
SP/DIF transmitter projectSP/DIF transmitter projectDanny WitbergThis project describes a lightweight SP/DIF transmitter in VHDL
Skype Ninja modeSkype Ninja modeProdigitySkype Ninja Mode
Space stateSpace stateVicarious
Show the current state (open or closed) of our space
Da Syntax
HackerSpace Status API
SpaceAPIBotSpaceAPIBotStuiterveerDisplays the open/close state for hackerspaces within Telegram.
SpacePetsSpacePetsEagle00789Have some pets in space
SpaceWorkhorseSpaceWorkhorseTheOnlyJoeyThe multi-boot workhorse of the hackerspace!
SpacenetSpacenetXoprConnect to an encrypted accesspoint using your own credentials in every hackerspace
StampsStampsVicariousStamps for hackpass / hacker passports
StickersStickersVicariousStickers with our logo
Hey 't is groen! Hey, nou is ie weer roze.
T-shirtT-shirtVicariousWe have a design for a T-shirt
shop needs a version of our vector image uploaded
Telephone system:autopatchTelephone system:autopatchXopruse a VoIP system to communicate over radio
VM serverVM serverDa Syntax
Danny Witberg
VMWare server for ACKspace infra
XBMC remote control script for streamsXBMC remote control script for streamsXoprAutomate stuff
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