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Avaya 4620SW
  • only uses pins 1,2,3 + 6 (100Base-T)
  • PoE compatible
  • custom power module available: GND:pin 7, +48V:pin 8
  • upon booting (about 20 seconds), the following message appears:
    100 mbps ethernet (you might want to unplug the ethernet cable if the keys do not respond)
    * to program (after this step, you can plug in the ethernet connection again so you are able to type in the SIG command at the end)
  • press *
  • confirm every default with # (8x)
  • at the end, it says "No new values. #=OK": confirm
  • at the blank screen, type mute744# (Mute SIG#, you will notice a distinct short tick when pressing mute, and other keys being silent)
  • change to SIP by cycling using * and confirm using #

You will need a TFTP server and the 46xxSettings.txt file (see Avaya's sample and a snippet from LeftyBC on github gist



Location: xopr's (project crate and a bunch at home)