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Welcome to ACKspace; a hackerspace located in Heerlen, The Netherlands.

A hackerspace is a place where people get together, socialize, share knowledge, tinker and build stuff.

In order to make this possible we have a collection of tools, (useful) stuff, work area and a lounge where we can relax and discuss our favorite games.

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Da SyntaxBright LightFacilities FranticThere; I fixed it!You shall not passIf it ain't broken; you're not trying hard enoughShining lightLinkse HobbyLogistics monkeyRelease managerStraight for the jugularMad electricianSmelled like chickenUnlocked
Eagle00789Smelled like chickenFacilities FranticRelease managerUnlockedMad electricianLogistics monkeyBright Light
ProdigityMad electricianUnlockedLogistics monkeyStraight for the jugularFacilities Frantic
PsychiCLogistics monkeyFacilities FranticYou shall not passThere; I fixed it!If it ain't broken; you're not trying hard enoughRelease managerStraight for the jugularMad electricianUnlocked
RoelkeUnlockedMad electricianLogistics monkeyShining lightFacilities FranticThere; I fixed it!
VicariousSmelled like chickenFacilities FranticLogistics monkeyStraight for the jugularRelease managerLinkse HobbyShining lightYou shall not passThere; I fixed it!Unlocked
XoprUnlockedMad electricianFacilities FranticShining lightLogistics monkeyRelease managerIf it ain't broken; you're not trying hard enoughThere; I fixed it!You shall not pass
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Project: Main Page
State Completed
Members Prodigity
Description Playing around with cheap wifi modules


To make the ESP8266 more accessible to everyone Prodigity has created a "programmer" which allows for easy firmware uploading and communication with the ESP-01 module.

Behold, the ESP^2 (esp egg salad programmer).

Revision 1.1

xopr Modified the ESP^2 a bit:


Find a way to program the ESP-12 (2mm pitch) modules without much hassle (note that it needs a 10k resistor between GPIO15 and GND) to boot correctly

Lijst van benodigdheden:

Voeg eventueel items toe die de space op dit moment mist.

Visiting address: "carbon6"
Kloosterweg 1
6412 CN Heerlen


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