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Welcome to ACKspace; a hackerspace located in Heerlen, The Netherlands.

A hackerspace is a place where people get together, socialize, share knowledge, tinker and build stuff.

In order to make this possible we have a collection of tools, (useful) stuff, work area and a lounge where we can relax and discuss our favorite games.

Visiting address:
Kloosterweg 1
6412 CN Heerlen
Mail: see the communication page

Become a participant

Welkom bij ACKspace; een hackerspace in Heerlen, Nederland.

Een hackerspace is een plek waar mensen samenkomen, socializen, kennis delen, knutselen en dingen bouwen.

Om dit mogelijk te maken hebben we een verzameling gereedschap, (bruikbaar) spul, een werkruimte en een lounge waar we kunnen ontspannen en onze favoriete spellen kunnen bespreken.

Kloosterweg 1
6412 CN Heerlen
Email: see the communication page

Deelnemer worden

Willkommen bei ACKspace; ein Hackerspace in Heerlen, Niederlande.

Ein Hackerspace ist ein Ort, an dem Menschen zusammenkommen, Sozialisieren, Wissen teilen, Dinge basteln und bauen.

Um dies zu ermöglichen, haben wir eine Sammlung von Tools, (nützliche) Sachen, einen Arbeitsbereich und eine Lounge, wo wir uns entspannen und unsere Lieblingsspiele diskutieren können.

Kloosterweg 1
6412 CN Heerlen
Email: see the communication page

Werden Sie ein Teilnehmer (Englisch)

  • Game night (Meeting, 24 March 2024, 19 April 2024, 17 May 2024, 21 June 2024, 19 July 2024, 16 August 2024, 20 September 2024, 21 October 2024, 15 November 2024, 20 December 2024)
  • ACKsession (Meeting, 25 May 2024)
  • D&D Adventures (Meeting, 26 May 2024)
  • T-DOSE (Conference, 1 June 2024)
  • Pizza-meet (Meeting, 5 October 2024)
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Featured articles:



Gameathon 2024 October Edition

Always wanted to build your own game or alter an existing one to your own taste? This is the time to do it!

Our goal is to make something playable (and fun!) in just one weekend.

Maybe you would like to make a game for our arcade machine or surface table?

Or design your own pixel art video game?

Or put our 3D printers to good use and create your very own tabletop game?

This weekend is about building your game your way!

Is it for me?

No matter your skill-set or interests, there is something for everyone: scenario-writing, music, dialogue, drawing, programming, design, crafts, and more.

Using pre-made assets is no problem, just make sure that you have the necessary rights to use them, and attribute them in your game’s description properly.

Whether you create something on your own, as a duo or in a group is up to you.

Participating is free!


You can find us at Carbon6, room L406

Kloosterweg 1

6412 CN

Should you not have keys to enter the building yourself, give us a call (+31-45-71-12345) and we will come to pick you up and guide you to ACKspace.


Please register for this event by sending us an email on

Bring your laptop, tablet or any other material you would like to use (drawing tablets, music instruments, crafts, etc.).

Lunch will be provided by ACKspace. Drinks and snacks are available for a fee. Dinner (pizza) is at your own expense.


Event: Main Page
Featured: Yes
State: Planned
Start date: 27-07-2024
Start time: 00:00
End date: 27-07-2024
End time: 23:59
Contact: Wolkje
Kind: Meeting
Location: Location::ACKspace
Fee: Free
Short description: Werken aan een project? You go girl!


Vanaf heden (28-03-2023) is er elke:

  • laatste zaterdag tussen 00:00 en 23:59 (de hele dag dus) een hacksessie evenement.

Het is dan de bedoeling om deze paar uurtjes exclusief te gebruiken om aan je project of willekeurige hack te werken, al dan niet als groepje. Gezien de huidige situatie is een virtuele space ingericht on als nog samen te werken zonder fysieke aanwezigheid te hoeven hebben. Je hoeft niet per se mee te doen, maar dit is natuurlijk hét moment om verder te komen met projecten.

  • Heb je een idee, maar weet je niet hoe je het kunt uitwerken? Vraag het dan op de mailinglijst, IRC of Telegram groep.
  • Kom je een onderdeel te kort? Mail het bestuur.
  • Ben je op zoek naar inspiratie? Kijk eens op patches welcome of bij de geparkeerde projecten en voeg jezelf gewoon toe aan je nieuwe favoriete project
  • Is iets, maar dan ook iets niet duidelijk? Gewoon vragen!


De volgende dagen zijn gekozen voor 2024:

  • Zaterdag 27 januari
  • Zaterdag 24 februari
  • Zaterdag 23 maart - 1 week eerder i.v.m. open dag op 30 maart
  • Zaterdag 27 april
  • Zaterdag 25 mei
  • Zaterdag 29 juni
  • Zaterdag 27 juli
  • Zaterdag 31 augustus
  • Zaterdag 28 september
  • Zaterdag 26 oktober
  • Zaterdag 30 november
  • Zaterdag 28 december
You are looking at an event that took place in the past
Event: Main Page
Featured: Yes
State: Completed
Start date: 2023/12/30
Start time: 13:37
End date: 2023/12/31
End time: 4:20
Contact: Xopr
Kind: Conference
Location: Location::ACKspace
Short description: <insert tagline here>


Thanks everyone for attending!

This year was a continuation of last year's self-hosted sessions. xopr had to scramble a video adapter, one of the video inputs (cable?) didn't work, and the midi control desk didn't play nice with the 30 minute old installation, but in the end it worked out fine. Best of all: all talks started fairly on time this time!

For the stats, see Congress_everywhere#2023


"Let's get together and share information informally and semi-structured."

This is an evolution on the usual annual "Congress everywhere" where waffles/donuts (oliebollen), chocolate milk, Christmas tree+wreaths, Pixelflut and different streams are central.

Don't be shy to ask for information/presentation tips via all possible channels; there are few participants that present for a living so everything seems difficult at first.

Dit is een evolutie op de gebruikelijke jaarlijkse "Congress everywhere" waar wafels/oliebollen, chocomel, kerstboom+kransjes, Pixelflut en verschillende streams centraal staan.

Wees niet verlegen om informatie/presentatietips te vragen via alle mogelijke kanalen; er zijn weinig deelnemers die voor de kost presenteren dus alle begin lijkt moeilijk.

Leider ist dieser Text nicht auf Deutsch verfügbar
Project: Main Page
Featured: Yes
State Active
Members Xopr, Stuiterveer
GitHub No GitHub project defined. Add your project here.
Description Sonething something Long Range
No project picture! Fill in form Picture or Upload a jpeg here

Coming from the WiPhone, it was time to play with LoRa!

Stuff we have to play with

Spacestate sensors
Project: Main Page
Featured: Yes
State Active
Members Xopr
GitHub SpaceAPI-sensors
Description You can't manage what you don't measure
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This project ties strongly with the MQTT setup (to connect to the SpaceAPI) as it uses Tasmota[1] on ESP devices for feature bang and ease of use.

Note that you're more than welcome to add any sensor (or actuator) that you might see fit for our hackerspace. Think: 3D printer nozzle temperature or filament weight, outside radiation, air quality, motion sensing, window opener and the likes; this project is proof anyone that can handle a screwdriver and PC can do this.


Create a modular repository of sensors and outputs to keep an eye on temperatures (and/or other stuff), especially for monitoring the server room, and optionally, the [sl|h|st]ackspace(s), including the space state switch.


After some iterations of the Space state switch and some versions of the Spacestate indicator, some different types of temperature sensors, it was time to make it easy on ourselves: switch to MQTT and use Tasmota[1].

In most cases, an off-the-shelf ESP device will suffice, but since not all devices are not galvanically isolated from mains, it's more practical to use an ESP-12 PCB for things where contacts are bare (like the Space state switch).

Here are the steps to setup such a device

configuring a spacestate sensor from scratch

Most of this (apart from the MQTT configuration) only applies to the Spacestate sensor board (see image); it will setup a pinout template that matches the board.

  • Under Configuration, click Configure Other
  • Paste this template: {"NAME":"ACKsensor","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,1,1],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18} and check Activate
  • Fill in Device Name (ACKtemp or ACKstate) and Friendly Name 1 (Space state switch or leave as is)
  • Save (will reboot)
  • Click Configure Module
  • Make sure Module type is ACKsensor (0)
  • Set functions for GPIO17 (ADC), GPIO16 (Typically Switch 1 or Button 1) and GPIO12 (DS18x20 which is connected to 3.3v using ~4k7 pull up) [2]
  • Save (will reboot again)
  • Click Configure MQTT
  • Set Host (, User (temperature or spacestate), Password (currently, only xopr knows these passwords), Topic (temperature, switch or spacestate) and Full Topic (ackspace/hackspace/%topic%/%prefix%/)
  • Save (will reboot yet again)

notes and troubleshooting


Note that this pin is special (it lives on a separate register internally, but more important, its internal pull resistor is to ground (pull-down) [3][4][5]


Note that the analog in is 0-1V maximum; use a voltage divider to limit its input.[6] and [7]

space state

To read a switch without having a corresponding relay one has to remember the default switch action is TOGGLE, which can be used in traveler-system (hotelschakeling) style: one can turn the light on with switch 1, turn it off with switch 2 (software) and turn it on with switch 1 again while the switch physically is in a different state. To change the behavior of the switch, use switchmode[8]:

switchmode 1
restart 1

Note that if you need the reverse (switch connects to poweroff), you need switchmode 1. Also note that restart 1 is needed to store the configuration.

multiple switches on the spacestate sensor

By default, one can use a single switch/button without a relay set. If you want to provide MQTT state for multiple switches without having corresponding relay outputs, you need some rule magic;[9]

Rule1 ON switch1#state DO publish ackspace/hackspace/%topic%/stat/RESULT {"POWER1":"%value%"} ENDON
Rule2 ON switch2#state DO publish ackspace/hackspace/%topic%/stat/RESULT {"POWER2":"%value%"} ENDON
Backlog Rule1 1; Rule2 1

other devices (switches)

Note that the space has a modified sonoff POW (old revision) that allows switching with a regular toggle switch while able to monitor the power usage. It uses the following template: {"NAME":"Dangerous POW","GPIO":[32,160,0,0,0,2592,0,0,224,2656,2688,288,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":6} Note that while the GPIO is 5V relative to GND, it most likely is 225V above earth potential: insulate well and never connect it to your PC.

calibrating POW module

To calibrate a POW module (like in the hackcorner), you need the following[10]:

  • Multimeter (for measuring mains voltage)
  • Resistive load (higher=better, like the 500W SMD rework station)


  • monitor mains voltage
  • go to the sonoff console tab of the device
  • turn on the hot air station and crank up the dial
  • input the following (adjust the voltage and current accordingly)
for current, you use the formula: P/U*1000 = 500/227*1000 = in this case
VoltageSet 227
PowerSet 500
CurrentSet 2202.64
restart 1


When a device doesn't respond or won't connect to wifi, you might need to trigger recovery mode[11] by:

  • power it off for 30 seconds
  • power on 7 times with less than 10 second interval

Note that this only works if SetOption65 is 0 (which one would have disabled if brown-outs occur often.


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