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We hebben een nieuw pand
Sinds 30 augustus hebben we een nieuwe ruimte in het bekende oude CBS gebouw genaamd Carbon6
ACKspace 3.5 is gevestigd in ruimte L405 t/m L412 met de ingang op deur L406 !

Upcoming events

Welcome to ACKspace; a hackerspace located in Heerlen, The Netherlands.

A hackerspace is a place where people get together, socialize, share knowledge, tinker and build stuff.

In order to make this possible we have a collection of tools, (useful) stuff, work area and a lounge where we can relax and discuss our favorite games.

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Featured articles:

ACKspace 3.0 opening party
Event: Main Page
State: Active
Start date: 2015/04/25
Start time: 11:00
End date: 2015/04/25
End time: The late hours
Contact: Da Syntax
Kind: Party
Location: Kloosterweg 1
Short description: The opening party of our new space

Since we are now settled in our new space, it's time for an official opening party.

Because it's always busy in January/the first weeks of the new year, it's probably the best option to organise this party somewhere mid/end February or the beginning of March.

Another option would be to wait until the weekend of 1 April, since the ACKspace 1.0 opening party was held at 2 April 2011. So then we could combine it with our fourth anniversary.

Update @ April, 9th 2015

We have chosen (using the previously available datumprikker) to have the party on the 25th of april 2015. Everyone who wants to come, Please let us know at info [at] ackspace [dot] nl


Hint: add yourself by typing:

# ~~~
  1. Eagle00789
  2. TheOnlyJoey
  3. Danny Witberg
  4. Xopr
  5. Da Syntax

Lijst van benodigdheden:

Voeg eventueel items toe die de space op dit moment mist.
3D printer
Project: Main Page
State Active
Members Roelke,Vicarious,xopr
Description Help ACKspace have a working 3D printer again!


To make sure we can have a 3D printing workshop, we need a working printer.

Vicarious made a start by visiting a hands-on build-your-own 3D printer, but the parts need to be completed or improved.


Roelke invested a lot of time and approximately €100.- to get to the point where we are now: The printer is working; software has been installed on the (open) lab-pc, the settings have been tuned and the board has been calibrated, and we have light blue and black(?) filament (and a little bit of red for Vicarious' flashlight cone).

To be able to work with the printer, one needs to know how to calibrate and grease it. Roelke is planning to give a first hands-on somewhere near Dec 20th, and will do a quick glance over it somewhere the week after.


You can help with this project by donating a small amount of money so we are able to buy supplies and components to get the 3D printer working again. The idea is: if you donate to the printer, the printer will give you a 3D thank you souvenir. Note that this idea needs some work.



The following people donated (in the hope to receive a printed thank you gift):

Project: Main Page
State Active
Members Prodigity, Da Syntax
Description Playing around with cheap wifi modules
To make the ESP8266 more accessible to everyone I have created a "programmer" which allows for easy firmware uploading and communication with the module. 

Behold, the ESP^2 (esp egg salad programmer).


More info to follow soon..

loading scripts from a webserver

I (Da Syntax) got tired from typing the scripts line for line into the lua console of the nodeMCU firmware. I wrote a little function to load the scripts from a webserver running on my laptop. This way I can just save the script on my laptop and load it to my ESP8266 calling 2 functions ( netload() and dofile("netloaded.lua") )

function netload()
	conn=net.createConnection(net.TCP, 0)
	conn:on("receive", function(conn, payload)
		print(payload)"netloaded.lua", "w")
	conn:send("GET /test.lua HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\n"        .."Connection: keep-alive\r\nAccept: */*\r\n\r\n")

Future plans

Project: Main Page
State Active
Members PsychiC, Da Syntax
Description The ACKspace arcade. Game on!
ACKade, currently in development

We have an arcade cabinet!

Now, the problem is, it doesn't work, (or worse, nobody knows its state). Everybody knows gaming can be a stress relief, so when visiting ACKspace for some social gathering or relaxing, one might recognize value in a working arcade cabinet.


Get the arcade cabinet fully working again. Choose the path of least resistance for maximum profit.


Xopr really wants to see the ACKade working, so here is the challenge:

The prizes are:

Winner! A (new) retro shirt in your size
Runner up: Awesome NES controller tin complete with mints
3rd place: your favorite delicious beverage, club mate


current hardware

PsychiC found the PC and missing joystick...

PC Specifications :

Arcade cabinet specifications :

Controller specifications :


hardware needs to be identified first

stretch items

It would be cool to add extra controllers (read: jump pads) to the arcade. Connections need to be flexible and firm.

This also needs a way to run html5 games, which means: run a full OS with a modern browser (webkit/gecko) which includes native hardware acceleration.

Visiting address: "carbon6"
Kloosterweg 1
6412 CN Heerlen


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