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If it's green, call us!

Visiting address

Kloosterweg 1
6412 CN Heerlen

by foot

  • if the pedestrian entrance on kloosterweg is open, enter it, and go up the roofed stairs.
  • during office hours, bear left to enter the automatic revolving door up the steps (Core X).
  • outside office hours, go to the roofing on the right, and walk up the couple of steps to go to the locked door on the far left (Core Z).

by car via the boom barrier

  • you need a contactless bankcard to enter, go straight ahead up the bump (park your car first).
  • outside office hours, go up the steps under the roofing on the right (Core Z).
  • during office hours, go straight ahead until you hit the steps with revolving door (Core X).

Core X (from the revolving door)

  • if you're in, go straight ahead.
  • elevators around the corner on the left, stairs on the right
  • go to the 4th floor
  • exit elevator to the right and go right again, stairs to the left and left again
  • enter the door on the left
  • walk across the corridor and you'll see ACKspace (L406) on the right just after the small open room

Core Z (from the locked door)


Visit the public Telegram channel at https://t.me/ACKspacepub


Note that IRC is more or less for backup purposes; we mainly use #Telegram. ircs://irc.libera.chat:6697/ACKspace or the web-chat version: https://web.libera.chat/#ACKspace


info@ackspace.nl do NOT contact us for commercial products; you will be reported to the anti-spam authorities.

Mailing list

ACKspace discuss




National: 045 71 12345
International: +31-45-71 12345
To skip the menu and get transferred to the default extension group, press #
Conference rooms: 1331 (dial * to unmute)
Backup numbers: 05 08 55 10 44, conference: 045 3690 555

Note: we have an ENUM binding: set up your SIP/PSTN PBX with e164.org ENUM and call our space for free ;)




Facebook group


Flickr group pool


LinkedIn company
LinkedIn group


ACKspace YouTube Channel


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