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This page displays the list of projects which are set up within ACKspace:


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Active projects

These are projects which are being worked on at the moment. (refresh table)

Projects Members Description
4U VMware cluster Danny Witberg Make a mini VMware cluster
ACKsess Vicarious,Prodigity,xopr Knock knock.
ACKspace De Film Eagle00789 De film ACKspace
ACKstream music Prodigity Muziek speler voor hACKspace
Andon light xopr Andon light/signal tower
Atmel experiments Coolepascal Diverse experimenten met Atmel chipjes
BarSystem Multiple Building our own BarSystem
Buying stuff together Prodigity
ESP8266 Prodigity, Da Syntax, xopr Playing around with cheap wifi modules
Emergency Brake Light driver Danny Witberg Make cars less dangerous
Energy monitoring Eagle00789 Monitor power usage/production
GForge Eagle00789 No description
a project management tool/site
Game:Jump Wheel Lots of participants Synchronize your jump with your coop players and beat the record
Guerilla VoIP xopr low cost communication node
Hexadoku Hexadoku
Infinity mirror Danny Witberg Eerste van een serie haldecoraties
LCD Meterkast display Eagle00789 Create a pcb for an LCD
Library Eagle00789 Just an index of our Library
This is the inventory of the library from the putgraaf. Since then, the books have moved four times
MADI transceiver Danny Witberg This project descibes a MADI transceiver in VHDL
OpenBSD Firewall / PF Vicarious, PsychiC building a gateway on openbsd
PAL0123 xopr 192x16 bicolor matrix display
Programming multicore microcontrollers Danny Witberg This project describes the programming of multicore microcontrollers
SpaceAPI Vicarious, CoolePascal, Prodigity, Da Syntax, xopr HackerSpace Status API
TPSKO Coolepascal, Da Syntax Experimenten met Atmega8 dump PCBtje
Telephone System xopr Telephone Communication System
Zabbix PsychiC, Eagle00789 Setup a Zabbix Monitoring server

Planned projects

These are projects which will be worked on in the near future (a month or so). (refresh table)

Projects Members Description
3FM Serious Request Eagle00789 3FM Serious Request
SoftwareDefinedReceiver CoolePascal Building an soundcard based SDR receiver
Spacestate sensors Xopr You can't manage what you don't measure

Completed projects

This is the list of ACKspace's completed projects. You can still add valuable information to these projects if you like, but please note that these are not worked on anymore. (refresh table)

Completed Projects Members Description
3D printer Roelke,Vicarious,xopr Help ACKspace have a working 3D printer again!
ACKspace De Film Eagle00789 De film ACKspace
ADAT project Danny Witberg This project descibes the ADAT protocol
Arbitrary Sampling Rate Converter in VHDL Danny Witberg ASRC's: What, how, why?
Cash register Hacking Eagle00789 Hacking a Carian based Cash Register
Christmas tree Prodigity Christmas tree
Clock jitter removal in VHDL Danny Witberg Jitter removal in clock signals with VHDL implementation
CokeVendingMachine CoolePascal, Sandor Awesome lighting for vending machine
Cursus basis elektronica CoolePascal, eracoon, Vicarious, LuckY, PsychiC, Prodigity Workshop basale elektronica
DE-DP14116 xopr 3216 Bicolor LED 3mm Dot Matrix Display
DMX Arduino Roelke DMX besturing met een arduino
DSP experiments Coolepascal, Danny Witberg Digital Signal Processing with a microcontroller and DAC
Digital Decoder Mod Prodigity, Da Syntax Gaining access to the console of the DD and perhaps install doom on it
DigitalControlledMeter CoolePascal PWM Controlled Meter MSP430 project
Doorbell PsychiC Creating a better doorbell
Doorbell IRC bot Prodigity A doorbell / IRC interface
Draaideur Prodigity DraaiDraaiDraaideur
ESP8266-DS18S20 xopr Creating a wireless SpaceAPI-like sensor
ESP8266-SpaceState xopr Creating a wireless SpaceState switch
ESP^2 Prodigity Playing around with cheap wifi modules
Epoch clock Danny Witberg Our own clock in the space!
Flag Vicarious, Prodigity A flag for our hackerspace
Flyer Ikarus Flyer
Footstool Prodigity, PsychiC, Vicarious Put ACKspace on the cover of a footstool
GForge Eagle00789 No description
a project management tool/site
Gameboy VGA adapter Prodigity, Danny Witberg Adding VGA output to a gameboy classic
Geek whip Vicarious Make a whip from a bunch of Cat 5 cables
IRC ACKspace-statusbot StefandeVries Een IRC-bot die op commando de status van de space aangeeft.
Key Panel Eagle00789 Have a centralized place for the space keys
Korte golf luisteren Danny Witberg Luister naar de wondere wereld van de korte golf
LED christmas tree Vicarious, Xopr Blinken lights!
LedWall PsychiC Fixing an awesome LED-Wall
Library Eagle00789 Just an index of our Library
This is the inventory of the library from the putgraaf. Since then, the books have moved four times
Logo Vicarious A logo for ACKspace
Lounge connect Danny Witberg This is the setup of the old (putgraaf's) slACKspace. The new version is slightly less complex (but still needs documentation)
Je wilt iets doen in de lounge?
Mac RGB Lamp Vicarious, Da_Syntax RGB LED light inside empty Mac case
Mead brewing Prodigity Brewing mead
Mobile Spacestate Indicator Vicarious, Da Syntax Replace the factory car center console lights with a hackerspace state indicator
NACKspace Everyone!
Nas v2.0 PsychiC Migration of NAS activity to the IOmega
Nas v3.0 Danny Witberg Yet Another NAS Implementation
Quincy - Quartus Network Compiler Prodigity, Danny_W Synthesizing FPGA designs on a VM!
RGB Logo Coolepascal Roelke Vicarious RGB Logo
Retro gaming Vicarious A corner or part of our space will have (retro) gaming consoles
Richtlijnen voor het maken van een zelf te etsen printje Danny Witberg Dit project gaat over het ontwerpen van een printplaat die je zelf zou kunnen (laten) etsen.
Rolpoort bediening Da Syntax, Prodigity Controll the gate using your cellphone
SIM reader Vicarious SIM reader with serial port
SMD workshop Danny Witberg transcript of the SMD workshop
SP/DIF transmitter project Danny Witberg This project describes a lightweight SP/DIF transmitter in VHDL
Skype Ninja mode Prodigity Skype Ninja Mode
… further results

Stalled projects

These projects have been put on hold indefinitely and face possible deletion if inactive to long. (refresh table)

Projects Members Description
(sl)ACKspace v3.0 Prodigity slACKspace Pimpin'
3D Model Vicarious Make a 3D model of our hackerspace and XCBS building
ACKade PsychiC, Da Syntax The ACKspace arcade. Game on!
ACKsesspoint Da Syntax, xopr Create an all-in-one accesspoint/router
Attiny pulse-dtmf POTS dialer Antarez, xopr an AVR-based pulse-dtmf converter
DECT xopr
DTS Coherent Acoustics encoder Danny Witberg Make my own DTS encoder
Digitale techniek CoolePascal Workshop Digitale techniek
Field Report Kit PsychiC, xopr Field Report Kit
Funding Brainette Sponsoring/subsidie planning
Hackchallenges PsychiC Hack challenge
IRC Screen Eagle00789 A monitor for IRC hanging in the space.
Knikkerbaan CoolePascal Knikkerbaan
Laser cutter Vicarious Laser cutter to cut and engrave shiny objects
Laser harp Stoney3K A musical instrument using laz0rz
Line Following Robot PsychiC Hackchallenge Line Following Robot
Middengolf Radio CoolePascal Bouw van een radio
Open Source Game Server Everyone
PW125 CoolePascal Software Model of Prat&Withney PW125b
Poor mans D amp Prodigity Untested idea for a very hacky d amp
RTP packet streaming Danny Witberg Project to send and receive RTP packets
Sound localisation with TDOA Prodigity
Spacestate indicator Danny Witberg Een stand alone apparaatje om te kijken of de space open is
SuperMario Contest Coolepascal SuperMario Geek Contest
Synthesizer Brainguy, Brainette
Theremin Coolepascal, Brainguy Buidling a theremin to MIDI out converter
ToolbarKiller Eagle00789 Continuering van dit reeds bestaande project
Whisk(e)y workshop Antarez an introduction to the fine art of whisk(e)y appreciation
WorkShop Radio Techniek CoolePascal, Prodigity, PsychiC, Roelke Basic princyples of radiology

Not possible

These projects are really not possible and are candidate of removal. (refresh table)

Projects Members Description
Automatic window blinds xopr Connect and interface the existing window blinds
These window blinds were located in the very first space where we moved out of in 2012
Tijdschift uitzoeken Danny Witberg Uizoeken van een tijdschift abbo voor de space
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