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Project: Telephone system:Number lookup
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Members Xopr
GitHub cidlookup
Description Caller ID lookup
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This script uses mod_cidlookup combined with a custom php page. It tests the number against a SQLite database, several reversed number lookup websites, the national telecommunications authority database and a coarse array of areas of the world, which are called in order of granularity. The script can be called both on outgoing and incoming calls

We make use of the mod_cidlookup for ease of use, but not all features are functional in our implementation. Every request is done via HTTP requests to a php script that will check if the number:

  • is an extension (and returns the name for that)
  • is stored in the local SQLite database, and return that
  • can be found online by using reversed number lookup websites for landlines
  • can be found online by using the national telecommunications authority database ( for cell phones returning the associated cell provider
  • can be categorized by a more coarse lookup, like continent, country, region, town or number block owner, stored in a local array (~500 entries)

The setting for mod_cidlookup is:

<param name="url" value="https://domain.tld/cid.php?key=<your_desired_key>&number=${caller_id_number}"/>

old implementation

The "inline" old script can be found here:


items stored in the database will not be updated anymore. The only way to refresh the number's information is to remove the entry manually which will cause a new lookup the next time that number is requested.