Acksess 2.0

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Project: Acksess 2.0
Featured: No
State Active
Members Adnub
GitHub Acksess 2.0
Description New Acksess system
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A new Acksess system for our door, since our old project is unstable, regularly freezes and nobody dares to touch it anymore in fear of breaking it. (Just another day at the office. :p)

Right now it's connected in parallel to the old system to allow for a migration period.

Once that's done, the old system can be removed and replaced with a one-way door knob.

Documentation for the new system can be found on the github page.

Currently, Prodigity, Stuiterveer and Adnub can add new tags to the system. Removing tags from the old system can only be done by Stuiterveer.

A tag first needs to be removed from the old system before it can be added to the new system.