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Project: Stoplichter
Featured: No
State Active
Members Xopr, Stuiterveer
GitHub stoplichter
Description Hey 't is groen! Hey, nou is ie weer roze.
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Freely translated: traffic (scam) light.



new iteration

Since we have some things that speak ARTnet, it's time to upgrade the traffic light to give it 3 RGB pixels of ARTnet. The IP address is

Notes on the traffic light itself:

  • the rubber gaskets wrap around the light, and are then placed from the outside with the thin seal wrapped around the flange like a reversed bicycle tire operation (it's fiddly)
  • the current connector cabling is:

Some notes on the bitlair ART-net used for the LED sleeves:

  • they listen to universe 0
  • they don't start at address 0 but skip 4 pixels (offset 12)
  • the first pixel is top right (looking at the simstrip, the last pixel on this grid is not used)
  • the order of the ESP12 module of the pixels are (in RGB): 5, 4, 0; 2, 15, 13; 12, 14, 16: clockwise looking at the top, starting near the serial pins
  • this translates on the PCB to (from left, screw terminal side to right):
    1. VCC (6.2V)
    2. 13 (B2)
    3. 12 (R3)
    4. 14 (G3)
    5. 16 (B3)
    6. 5 (R1)
    7. 4 (G1)
    8. 0 (B1)
    9. 2 (R2)
    10. 15 (G2)
    11. GND


  • some scripts for, say, spacestate