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Project: Doorbell
State Completed
Members PsychiC
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Description Creating a better doorbell
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We got NEW doorbells =) Yes yes we bought them, lame, but they work. Prodigity has created some kind of interface (arduino with ethernetshield) that will send a message to IRC when the bell rings.


Frankly, our doorbell SUCKS. It's a cheapo bell from the DIY store and makes a wussy ding-ding. How awesome would it be if it would provide some cool quote(s) from a movie, a game or any.

I've had a go a this a few weeks back, but it epicly failed due the fact the modded mp3-player got a powersave mode that we couldn't turn off. Thus after 3 minutes it would go in standy and no longer works.

The idea had been raised to use a more descent setup which will allow remote access to upload new sounds and perhaps even integrate with some other devices, like the spacestate switch or doorcontacts.

What we came up with : We got a fanless Wyse terminal (WT9455XL) that will run OpenBSD or perhaps a Linux distribution. This one has got several ports including serial and usb ports. These can be used to trigger a script that will play a sound, perform an IRC action etc. We have got some active speaker-sets.


BIOS password : Fireport