Line Following Robot

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Project: Line Following Robot
State Stalled
Members PsychiC
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Description Hackchallenge Line Following Robot
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The challenge

Create a robot that follows a trajectory layed out by a line.

Note: there are two robot kits in xopr's crate and two kits in CoolePascal's.

The goal

Follow an increasingly complex path with corners, blank spaces, crossings etc.

The course

  1. straight + curved line
  2. zigzag lines + corners
  3. crossings
  4. gaps
  5. all of the above

The rules

The contraption must be "made by yourself from scratch".

And it should include some programmable aspect (pretty hard without).

Wheels,walking,crawling, anything goes.

For tracing you can use IR, acoustics, webcam, lasers or whatever you can come up with.

(No Prodigity, no huge freakin lazorz, only the human friendly kind)

The one bot that gets the farthest wins.

The price for best contender :

A club mate (or any other drink)(per person) for all challengers signed up to this page.

The challengers