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Project: CokeVendingMachine
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State Active
Members Coolepascal, Sandor, Stuiterveer, Wirexbox, Vicarious
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Description Awesome lighting for vending machine (Revival in progress)

Getting the vending machine to work! (In progress)


At the ACKspace building one of the tenants found a CocaCola vending machine. After consulting CocaCola as well as the caretaker, the machine got a new owner who sells drinks at the profit of all tenants. However, the fluorescent lighting of the machine was broken. So we decided it might be fancier to replace the fluorescent lamps by multicolor, ledstrips.

I created a small pcb with an Atmega328 and a few IRF510 powerfets connected to the pwm outputs of the micro controller.

PLEASE NOTE: the above was an old setup that was taken out by someone unknown. New lighting is being worked on and should soon be fully active. In the meantime we will keep the old situation documented here.

The project has been revisited by other members to get the machine to work. Currently we found out that you are able to access more options if you set/enter the passcode (See inside of machine). The idea is to use an iButton reader OR barcode scanner (Implementation of the AckBar software) as a replacement of the technologically obsolete value that is called cash money. Mechanically the machine is working, it is just the software that needs to be edited (and in the case problems ARE found, they need to be fixed.).

The manual for the vending machine is found on the Royal Vendors website (direct link), the manual itself is also found one the wiki for archival's sake: File:GIII.pdf.

Some small troubleshooting steps and basic measures.

  • Is something sold out? Refill and close the machine.
  • Is it still sold out? Close the machine again.
  • Do you need to get into the developer menu? Press the red button after opening the machine.
  • Is an option not showing in the menu? Enter the passcode.
  • Did you press a button but get a different drink? Make sure the Custom Space-to-Sales setting is set to match the information below.
  • The rear columns need the bottlecaps facing towards the backplate, the front columns need the bottlecaps facing the opposite (the backs of the bottles facing each other).

Which bottle goes where inside the machine:

Button Column Drink
1 1,2 Mate Regular
2 4,5 Mate Ice-T
3 6 Mate Granat
4 7 Coca Cola
5 8 Coca Cola Zero
6 9 Fanta
7 3 Premium Cola (0,5l)
8 11 Sprite
9 10 Water
10 12 Magic coding elixir - 18+, username is needed

Raspberry Pi

We have connected a Raspberry Pi to the internals of the machine. A very simple script is currently running which enables you to send GET requests in order to retrieve a drink. To do this, you need to be connected to the ACKspace network. Connecting to http://vendingmachine:8080 in the browser will give you a JSON response which contains the buttons that are set up and the drinks that are linked to the buttons. When you want to "press" button 1 on the machine you need to visit http://vendingmachine:8080?button=1. The physical buttons still work as well.

Location: hACKspace