Field Report Kit

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Project: Field Report Kit
State Stalled
Members PsychiC, xopr
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Description Field Report Kit


If we want field reporting on the CCC camp, we quickly need a kit that provides us that service.

Our first option was to use the available wifi, but since the link quality is unsure, we asked CoolePascal for a possible solution. He opted for the PMR 446MHz with boosted power and bandwidth. Since we only have a couple of weeks left, and our video transceiver kits were unusable, we're taking the shortcut by connecting a reporter kit directly to a DECT handset.



  • use a DECT handset
  • solder a 3.5mm 4p jack contra (TRRS) onto it, according to the Nokia standard: 1-Left, 2-Right, 3-Mic, 4-Common. Note that iPwn has the Gnd and Mic mixed up.


  • create an amplifier for reporter feedback, and connect the jack to the kit using a poor-man's mixer (i.e. resistors)

The kit still needs some work (see todo), but it should work like this:

  • left socket is an unbalanced 6.3mm jack/XLR combo connector to connect a dynamic microphone to it
  • right socket is the 6.3mm headphone connector
  • (todo) potentiometer defines the feedback volume
  • switch powers the kit on/off (displayed by the led)
  • (todo) 3.5mm TRRS plug connects to the transceiver (DECT/GSM handset)


  • create a working connector, preferably 4p 3.5mm jack contra to a DECT handset

Note that impedance and amplification and the like might not be optimal for connecting a dynamic microphone and headphones to the handset

  • connect the TRRS plug to the kit using resistors (TBD)
  • connect the potentiometer before the amplifier (check if it has impact on the transceiver signal)
  • acquire 9v batteries