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slACKspace Pimpin'  +
Minew BLE/Wifi Gateway  +
Make a 3D model of our hackerspace and XCBS building  +
Print gimmicks, tools and toys!  +
a LED which is always in the mood  +
The ACKspace arcade. Game on!  +
Dell 1855 rackmount servers and a NetApp FAS 3050c with 3 disk cabinets  +
Knock knock.  +, This project has been decomissioned and superseeded by [[Acksess_2.0]]. It had a good ride.  +
Create an all-in-one accesspoint/router  +
A collection of projects and events that help keep the space tidy.  +
De muziek-streamer is inmiddels vervangen door een nieuwe; deze moet nog gedocumenteerd worden  +, Muziek speler voor hACKspace  +
This project descibes the ADAT protocol  +
New Acksess system  +
System and software to manage Acksess 2.0 door controller  +
Tools and materials and where to find them  +
Andon light/signal tower  +
Creation of an Ant PCB Maker to prototype PCB design. Also create needed manuals on how to operate it.  +
ASRC's: What, how, why?  +
a.k.a. Project Lasoog  +
Diverse experimenten met Atmel chipjes  +