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User: Eagle00789
Name Chris Simon
Role Friend
Member since 2011/02/19
IM Address
Languages Dutch (Nederlands), English
CAcert Assurer No
PGP key No PGP key defined. Create your PGP key pair by following this guide.
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Achievements Smelled like chicken, Mad electrician, Release manager, Logistics monkey, Facilities Frantic, Bright Light, Unlocked

Current Projects

(refresh table)

ProjectsState of ProjectMembersDescriptionGitHub
Bezoek StudentenEagle00789
Energy monitoringStalledEagle00789Monitor power usage/production
GForgeStalledEagle00789a project management tool/site
GForge ExplainedEagle00789
Key PanelCompletedEagle00789Have a centralized place for the space keys
LCD Meterkast displayStalledEagle00789Create a pcb for an LCD
LibraryCompletedEagle00789This is the inventory of the library from the putgraaf. Since then, the books have moved four times
Just an index of our Library
New Years FoodEagle00789
SpacePetsCompletedEagle00789Have some pets in space
ToolbarKillerStalledEagle00789Continuering van dit reeds bestaande project
VMWare Server(s)CompletedEagle00789VMWare Server(s) for learning purposes
X10 / ArduinoStalledEagle00789Let Arduino control my X10 Controllers

Random Crap

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