Digital Decoder Mod

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Project: Digital Decoder Mod
State Completed
Members Prodigity, Da Syntax
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Description Gaining access to the console of the DD and perhaps install doom on it
Versatek sniffed.jpg

The SMT-6010E

ftp server geval:

user: fttc

pass: cassis

firmware: download/samsung.img

WE HAZ A SOURCE CODE! link Source code

By sniffing the communication between the decoder and the Tele2 modem while it was updating we extracted a copy of the samsung.img firmware file.

We were able to extract the root password from this firmware image by bruteforcing the shadow file.

The credentials are:

Username: root

password: t1days



Memory 128 MB SDRAM, 32MB DOC for OS Image, 2MB Flash for Boot loads
RTOS Linux
Browser Html 4.0, http 1.1, DHTML, Frame Support, JavaScript 1.3, SSL 3.0, CSS Level3, Open SSH, Cookie
Decoding MPEC-1: 5 Kbps ~ 1.5 Mbps MPEC-2: 1.5 Mbps ~ 6 Mbps, D1 Resolution, MP@LL MP@ML WMV-9
DRM Verimatrix DRM
Copy Protection Macrovision Copy Protection
WAN Interface RJ-45 for 10/100 Base-T
I/O Interface USB 1.1 2Ports, Composite Video Output, 2 Scarts, S-Video Output, RCA Stereo Audio (L/R) Output, S/PDIF Audio Output
Maintenance Network Configuration Screen Remote Software / OS Update through the Network Self-diagnostic Function


The SMT-6010E is a Digital Decoder ... blabla bla

Gaining Access


I've currently connected the digital decoder to the ft232rl chip on my arduino (usb <-> rs232 conversion).


+------+ TX

| heat | RX

| sink | GND

+------+ VCC(3.3v)

After pressing 'Enter', the console asks me for a username and a password. Unfortunately, the password isn't easy to guess

Link to the source code: [1]