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Project: Footstool
State Completed
Members Prodigity, PsychiC, Vicarious
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Description Put ACKspace on the cover of a footstool
Footstool 1.jpg

PsychiC donated a footstool cover with a space invader sprite sprayed on it, but without the stool itself.

As requested by PsychiC, I bought a new footstool at Ikea, it came with a blank cover. My (Vicarious) idea was to cut the name of our hackerspace in a piece of cardboard we had laying around at our hackerspace. A stencil font called "Danger" is used to make it easier to cut the cardboard. When that's done, Prodigity and I will spray it on the blank cover.

Step 1: Come up with the idea to spray ACKspace on a blank cover for the footstool ✓

Step 2: Print a design which contains the name of the hackerspace in a stencil font such as "Danger", so that it's easy to cut ✓

Step 3: Cut the design from a cardboard ✓

Step 4: Put the cardboard on the footstool cover and spray paint it ✓

Step 5: ??? ✓

Step 6: Profit! ✓

Cardboard stencil, footstool with cover and spray can

Location: slACKspace