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* IBAN: [[IBAN::NL16ABNA0563941006]]
* IBAN: [[IBAN::NL16ABNA0563941006]]
* Bank-account location: [[Location::Weert]]
* Bank-account location: [[City::Weert]]
== By becoming an official participant ==
== By becoming an official participant ==

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How to participate

You can participate in several ways:

By donating

You are always welcome to donate money to ACKspace via the following bank-account data (also for international participants and other sponsors):

  • Account holder: Stichting ACKspace
  • IBAN: NL16ABNA0563941006
  • Bank-account location: Weert

By becoming an official participant

If you want to become an official participant, we would be even more grateful! You will get more privileges:

  • full 24/7 access to the space, to hack, tinker, chill or collaborate
  • access to all the tools ACKspace has
  • access to development boards and other fun hardware
  • access to Club Mate at a reasonable price

Note that for entering the space on a regular basis, one has to be familiar with the house rules (Dutch) and there is a waiver to sign (Dutch), and our normal participants fee is € 25 per month.

By editing the wiki

If you already have an account on our wiki, log in.
If not, request an account first.
Also see: Getting started, or just open a random page to update or edit