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note: Please clean up the coffee machine, because it's hard to recognize it after a couple of days

Some quick instructions for the coffee machine:

  • For the Senseo device (connected to fuse group B)
    1. toss the water out and get new water (you might want to clean the pad holder as well)
    2. turn the device on
    3. put a pad in it (1 pad=1 cup)
    4. wait until ready; press the cup(s) button
    5. throw away pad and leave the lid open to let it dry
  • For instant-coffee
    1. toss the water out of the kettle and get new water; start it for boiling
    2. add 3 of 4 tea-spoons of instant-coffee to your (small) cup
    3. put the boiling water on top of it
    4. stir, and feel ashamed
  • For the real coffee
    1. toss the water out of the kettle and get new water; start it for boiling
    2. fetch coffee beans from the freezer and fill the grinder up until the ridge
    3. grind for 20-30 seconds and throw it in the white filter holder (with a filter number 4 in it)
    4. repeat steps 2+3, but with half as much beans (filter should be about halfway filled with ground coffee beans for a full pot of coffee)
    5. while (!pot->isFull) pot->addBoilingHotWater();
    6. empty the pot after use, flush it and put it upside down (opened) on the right corner of the right cabinet in the slACKspace to let it dry

The kettle is connected to fuse group B)

Now, a very important rule for cleanliness: if you drink coffee, and you are handed over the task to clean, do so.

If supplies are getting low, notify one of the board members.

Location: slACKspace