DSP experiments

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Project: DSP experiments
State Active
Members Coolepascal
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Description Digital Signal Processing with a microcontroller and DAC
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To try out some DigitalAnalogConverters for some DigitalSignalProcessing experiments, i added an MCP4822 dual 12bits dac to my leaflabs Maple board. The Maple board is an Arduino compatible board with an 72MHz Arm Cortex 3 processor.

One of the first experiments was an DirectDigitalSynthesiser with both Sine en Cosine output. Lacking an dual channel osciloscope in out space i decided to use X/Y inputs, which of course would result into an circle on the scope screen.

As Psychic was amazed by this picture i came to the idea to make some fun demo's using this Y/X inputs on the scope whith the folowing result