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Event: Gameathon
Featured: Yes
State: Planned
Start date: 2024/10/19
Start time: 09:30
End date: 2024/10/20
End time: 18:00
Contact: Wolkje
Kind: Hackathon
Location: Location::ACKspace
Fee: No entry fee, but you buy your own pizza
Short description: Always wanted to build your own game or alter an existing one to your own taste? This is the time to do it!


Gameathon 2024 October Edition

Always wanted to build your own game or alter an existing one to your own taste? This is the time to do it!

Our goal is to make something playable (and fun!) in just one weekend.

Maybe you would like to make a game for our arcade machine or surface table?

Or design your own pixel art video game?

Or put our 3D printers to good use and create your very own tabletop game?

This weekend is about building your game your way!

Is it for me?

No matter your skill-set or interests, there is something for everyone: scenario-writing, music, dialogue, drawing, programming, design, crafts, and more.

Using pre-made assets is no problem, just make sure that you have the necessary rights to use them, and attribute them in your game’s description properly.

Whether you create something on your own, as a duo or in a group is up to you.

Participating is free!


You can find us at Carbon6, room L406

Kloosterweg 1

6412 CN

Should you not have keys to enter the building yourself, give us a call (+31-45-71-12345) and we will come to pick you up and guide you to ACKspace.


Please register for this event by sending us an email on

Bring your laptop, tablet or any other material you would like to use (drawing tablets, music instruments, crafts, etc.).

Lunch will be provided by ACKspace. Drinks and snacks are available for a fee. Dinner (pizza) is at your own expense.

Participating/ Registered


Saturday, October 19th 2024

09:30 Gathering at ACKspace
10:00 Kick-off:
  • What are we going to do this weekend
  • Who is who (introduction of participants)
  • 5 minutes brainstorm ideas
  • 5 minutes share ideas with the group
  • 5 minutes create project groups or go solo
11:00 Start the hacking
13:00 Lunch time (provided by ACKspace)
13:30 Continue hacking
18:30 Dinner (at participants' own expense)
19:00 Continue hacking for as long as you like!

Sunday, October 20th 2024

09:30 Gathering at ACKspace
10:00 Group discussion: what is going well and what could go better? Information exchange
11:00 Start hacking
13:00 Lunch time (provided by ACKspace)
13:30 Continue hacking
16:00 Stop the hacking & show off your game
17:30 Dinner (at participants' own expense) - 'borrelen'
18:00 End of the gameathon - thanks for participating!

Previous Gameathons

Gameathon 2024 June 8th and 9th

Poster 2024 June edition

Participating/ Registered

Finished games


Gameathon 2023 October 21st and 22nd

Poster 2023 October edition

Participating/ Registered

Finished games

Fish. by Stuiterveer. Made in Godot 4, inspired by the Flash game called Fishy. Already made before in Game Maker, but Game Maker doesn't work properly in Linux so I decided to recreate it in Godot. You're a fish, you eat smaller fish, you upgrade your fish. You have 10 days to fully upgrade, all points that remain are your final score.

Fish. Premium graphics!

xopr: "MixMate" (source); sort the Club Mate liquids in the right bottle.

Gameathon 2023 June 9th and 10th

Poster 2023 Juni edition
Participating/ Registered
Finished games

Sullivan's Secret, version 1.0 (link to play) by Wolkje: an interactive text based fantasy story where choices matter made with Arcweave using variables, if else statements and a lot of boxes of text. Story written approx. 85% by Wolkje and 15% by ChatGPT. Contains two good endings and five bad endings.

The Climbers - Elzilla edition by Elzilla: a homemade version of an existing board game with new and improved colour choices such a 'Iceland white' and 'keyboard black' on wooden blocks with the addition of 3D modeled and printed ladders and pawns.

Diss the Best game by Prodigity.

Board of tanks by Nic & Luc. Historic WW2 tanks move turn based on a field of terrain tiles. Destruction mechanics use RNG, tank types involved, and relative position. (Basic mechanics such as maneuvering and directional damage are implemented, but not things like terrain or a win condition.) Source code: (apt install python3-pygame && python3 Donny made a tank graphic for us which we adapted for the two factions and three types that are implemented so far -- thanks Donny!

Screenshot of Arcweave setup in game Sullivan's Secret
The Climbers - Elzilla edition in progress photo
Diss the Best game visual
Board of Tanks screenshot