Meeting 29-03-11

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You are looking at an event that took place in the past
Event: Meeting 29-03-11
Featured: No
State: Completed
Start date: 2011/03/29
Start time: 19:00
End date: 2011/03/29
End time: 20:00
Contact: LuckY
Kind: Meeting
Location: Location::ACKspace
Fee: -
Short description: biweekly meeting on space stuff

Agenda meeting 29-03-2010

Voorzitter: LuckY

Secretaris: Vicarious



  1. OS/distro/brand wars (LuckY)
  2. Starten van projecten en workshops(en het inplannen ervan)(LuckY)
  3. Planning openingsfeest (Vicarious)
  4. HITB SecConf 2011 Ams (Vicarious)
  5. Hack Square @ Chaos Communication Camp 2011 (Vicarious)
  6. ~
  7. WVTTK
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