Open Door Day 28-3-2015

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Event: Open Door Day 28-3-2015
State: Completed
Start date: 2015/03/28
Start time: 10:00
End date: 2015/03/28
End time: 17:00
Contact: Vicarious
Kind: Lecture, Meeting, Party, Workshop
Location: ACKspace
Fee: Free
Short description: Dutch Hackerspaces national open door day
Open Door Day 2015.png



Most hackerspaces in The Netherlands will open their doors for visitors on the 28th of March. This will be our fifth open door day!

Also see last year's Website  (in Dutch)

ACKspace will open their doors for all who are interested in hackerspaces and the projects we are working on.
Various participants will show their projects, interests and ideas along with some workshops and open discussions.

A subset of the topics we will be demonstrating or talk about:

  • 3D printing
  • Lockpicking
  • Arduino programming
  • FPGA programming
  • Osciloscope demo
  • VoIP telephony
  • GNU radio
  • Hardware hacking in general

We will start at 10:00 and until at least 17:00. Entrance is (of course) free of charge. Signup is not needed.
0xC0FFEE and Tea is freely available.

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