Organische rasterafbeelding

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Project: Organische rasterafbeelding
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State Active
Members Wolkje
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Pixel image of the Ackspace logo


This project was created to apply "parallel processing" to generate an organic raster image using crocheting.

The image in question is the Ackspace logo in banner form.

During the SYN-ACknowledge event on 30-12-2022 Wolkje explained which technique can be used to achieve this during a workshop.

Using the granny square pattern members can create "pixels". Once all the required pixels of colour are made, they will be sewn together to create Ackspace swag.


  • Crochet hook nr. 5 or 6
  • Yarn for hooks 5/6 in colours white, black and red
  • Basic stitch techniques (in Dutch): opzetlus, losse, halve vaste, stokje
  • Pattern


The image requires the following amount of "pixels" to complete:

Total: 539

  • White: 438
  • Black: 97
  • Red: 4

Currently made:

Total: 7

  • White: 7
  • Black: 0
  • Red: 0