PVG120303 display

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PicVue PVG120303 monochrome 122 x 32 pixel graphical LCD with Epson SED1520 controller


PVG120303 pinout
Pin Name Description
1 VDD Power supply for Logic (+3V)
2 VSS Ground
3 VEE Power supply for LCD (-3(?)V)
4 !RST Resets the system
5 E1 Chip enable signal (master)
6 E2 Chip enable signal (slave)
7 R/!W Read/Write select signal
8 A0 H: data, L:Instruction
9-16 D0-D7 Data bits
17,18 ALED,KLED Anode, cathode of led


glcd seems to have support for it, see this PDF for wiring.

Example implementations:

physical device

Xopr 23:06, 22 June 2011 (CEST) as of today, there is a PVG120303 display in the space. You can find it in the 'take-off chinese box' in the right most cabinet. Use at will, but be nice, share ;).


Location: hACKspace (in the left 'soldering cabinet')