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Power (over Ethernet) compatibility:
barrel plug: 5.5/2.5 48V

straight crosslink
802.3af yes unknown
legacy unknown unknown
compatible unknown unknown
Unifi unknown unknown


VVX 301

  • Default passcode: 456
  • This device can handle 401: unauthorized
  • has a boot time of about 140 seconds!
  • webinterface available at https://<ip>
  • has 6P6C (RJ12) AUX port
  • has 5 pin (0.1" 3x2 with notch) female header
  • has unpopulated internal 2 pin header (J300) seen through the upper slot
  • both AUX and header pins 5 are connected (GND?): RJ12 second right, header, first left at the top

factory reset

  • power up the phone
  • Wait for Starting application. press Cancel to interrupt and press Cancel (right softbutton)
  • at the countdown screen, press and hold 1+5+3 for >3 seconds
  • enter the MAC address located near the connectors (without colons) as password (old style sms-mode; note that for entering digits or characters, you need to set the correct input type. Also it's not case sensitive. Button 2 will show you the current mode and next mode)

connecting the Polycom VVX 301

To get its IP: Press 🏠, go down 2 times (Settings ⚙️), Ok (joypad center), 4,2,1 (Status, Network, TCP/IP Parameters)

Under Settings » SIP » Local Settings, the following settings are needed (note that a Simple Setup will get you started as well):

  • Local SIP Port: <make sure this port does not conflict with other SIP devices behind the same NAT>, 0 seems to work as well
  • Digit Map: 1[01579]xS0|1[23]xxS0|5000S0|2xxS0|00x.|0[1234567]xxxxxxxxS0|088xxxxxxxS0|0800xxxx.|090[069]xxxx.
  • Server 1 » Address: ackspace.nl
  • Transport: DNSnaptr1
  • Expires (s): 110

Under Lines » Line 1, set the following:

  • Identification » Display Name: <anything>
  • Identification » Label: <anything for local display>
  • Identification » Address: <username>@ackspace.nl
  • Authentication » User ID: <username>
  • Authentication » Password: <password>

1) or use: TCPpreferred and set Outbound Proxy » Address to sip.ackspace.nl (not tested)

distinctive ring

One can use a custom ringtone (using Alert-Info) with the following steps:

  • go to Preferences » Ringtones and upload a wav file
    • format the file with sox SOURCEFILE.wav -r 16000 -c 1 -b 16 ringtone.wav (or use Audacity/Tenacy, 16khz, 16bit mono wave)
  • upload the file
    • note that upon reboot the actual file will be lost (remove and re-add the file to restore)
  • use the following dialplan: originate {sip_h_Alert-Info=http://illegaleshow.stream/ringtone.wav}user/bergeijk@ackspace.nl YOUR_POLYCOM_EXT xml ackspace
    • note that the domain must exist (and not redirect; 404 is fine); the filename must match the uploaded file


  • minimum web-setup
  • AUX port pinout
  • deployment server