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Project: Tool wall
Featured: No
State Active
Members Prodigity
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Description Tool boxes tend to get cluttered and make it difficult to determine after usage if all tools are back. A tool wall seems like the proper way to solve these problems.
Tool wall.jpeg

Tool boxes are horrible for organizing your tools (atleast the vast majority of them).
Having your tools organised makes it easier to find what you are looking for as well as checking if you put everything back in place.

As is, it's not yet finished;

  • A few tools still need to be placed on the tool wall
  • There is no indicator at the moment which tools should go where
  • The hooks currently used to hang some of the tools are a poor fit and could do with being replaced

Feel free to improve the current setup!
Some 3d printed holders would probably look ace :D

Dimensions of the holes ASCII style:

^        | |
|        | |
|5       |_|
|5   _:<----->:_ .....
|   | | 35 mm | |    ^
|m  | |       | |    | 15.4mm
|m  |_| 45 mm |_|    v 
|   :<--------->:'''''
|   :<--> _
|   20 mm| |
|        | |
v        |_|