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Project: WiPhone
Featured: No
State Active
Members Vicarious, Stuiterveer, xopr
GitHub WiPhone build
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Yay, WiPhone!

Be cautious charging the WiPhone on a Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro
xopr's WiPhone broke down: his guestimates are that the device in USB-A port 1 that supported adaptive charging might bring the second USB-A port to 9V or 12V (out of spec), which in this scenario will fry the CP2104 USB-UART chip when you would plug it in second, no matter how short the time frame would be.

custom firmware

you can use the ACKspace modified firmware by setting https://ackspace.nl/WiPhone/WiPhone.ini into the ota.ini file (or via the telephone) Current applied patches:

  • LoRa 868MHz
  • ackspace.nl fake NAPTR (hardcoded IP)
  • fix fiddly unlock (mentioned here)

Work in progress:

  • LoRa menu (currently crashes the phone, don't use)


#define RF95_FREQ 868.0 (See this (somewhat sparse) issue)
  • enable UDP by adding u=UDP_SIP to an account in data/sip_accounts.ini (not yet tested)
  • Test LoRa functionality with (upcoming change for) OpenMQTTGateway

Get started

  • download source code
  • run V="0.8.30"; unzip WiPhone-$V && rm -fr WiPhone && mv WiPhone-$V WiPhone
  • open WiPhone/WiPhone.ino using Arduino
  • once: set up IDE (see documentation for details):
    • Open preferences (CTRL+,) and add https://wiphone.io/static/releases/arduino_platforms/package_WiPhone_index.json (comma separated) into Additional Boards Manager URLs
    • go to Tools » Boards » Board Manager and install WiPhone
    • Arduino option Tools » ESP Sketch Data Upload: download ESP32FS-1.0.zip into the ~Arduino/tools directory with mkdir -p ~/Arduino/tools && unzip ESP32FS-1.0.zip -d ~/Arduino/tools
    • TODO: esptool.py serial: sudo pip install pyserial (check your default python version)
  • Select Tools » Boards » Wiphone » Wiphone arduino
  • compile with (CTRL+r)

custom mods

command line build

The provided repo contains several patches and a semi-automated build/upload process to create your own custom binary (without opening the Arduino IDE) This includes:

  • caret cursor color fix
  • lockscreen fix (mentioned here as well)
  • LoRa 868MHz, menu is WIP
  • ackspace.nl fake NAPTR (hardcoded IP)
  • loudspeaker fix (mentioned here)

FSBrowser app

Work in progress by stuiterveer

NFC reader

Work in progress by Vicarious

5V injector

To charge the Wiphone (with 5V, including charging indicator), without using USB (since xopr's UART is broken), he soldered 2 cables with female dupont ends to the 5V rail (not VBUS). With troubleshooting, he also noted some useful pads/components, more or less reversed engineered: File:Wiphone testpads components.svg

Here is the result