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Project: DE-DP14112
Featured: No
State Completed
Members xopr
GitHub 3216 bicolor
Description 3216 Bicolor LED 3mm Dot Matrix Display
IMG 0948 wiki.jpg

3216 Bicolor LED 3mm Dot Matrix Display


xopr bought two 32x16 bicolor 3mm dot matrix displays (located in the slackspace running Conway's game of life, connected to fuse group B). The display is sold by Sure electronics and is driven by Holtek HT1632C IC's and controlled by an Arduino nano. They also have written a manual

There are several versions of the 3216 bicolor display which all should work with the same library:

The project also uses a modified version of wildstray's ht1632c library which you can find here on github.

current implementation

The attached power supply is too weak to have all the leds lit at full brightness. Expect crashing hardware here
The display has a jumper which allows 3 modes at boot, and 3 modes at run time; the mode is determined by first reading the jumper setting on boot, and then run-time
jumper inside (connected to GND) jumper outside (connected to VCC) no jumper (N/C) mode
boot time run time boot time run time boot time run time
messageTicker: season's greetings or music quiz banner, depending on #define
messageTicker: serial input (terminal-like)
random space invaders
game of life (fast)
game of life (normal)
game of life (slow)
test screen sequential fill
test screen random pixels
test screen stripe animation

Note: the bold items are the ones you can 'set-and-forget'

old implementation

One of the first electronic devices on the very first day of our physical space, is the display showing ACKspace with a different prefix scrolling in vertically.

Note that the first version was driven by a myAVR kit, since Arduino wasn't that mainstream back at the time.

Here you see a LED christmas tree with the marquee on the background:

Location: slACKspace (on the microwave)