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You are looking at an event that took place in the past
Event: Movie night
State: Completed
Start date: 2015/10/21
Start time: 21:24:16
End date: 2015/10/24
End time: 23:10
Contact: xopr
Kind: Party, Meeting
Location: Location::slACKspace
Short description: Movies to see!

New (HD) movie night planned, on Saturday, October 24th, 20:00u!

what movie(s)?

To finish it off, we plan to watch Back to the Future part III on Saturday 24th.

extra information

  • Last train going north leaves at 23:47 (weekdays) and 23:57 (weekends)

previous events

October 21st 2015, 21:24:16

Back to the Future part II: the future has finally arrived at 4:29pm PDT!

Nice to see that there were so many people.

October 18th 2015, 20:00

Watch Back to the Future preliminary to the Wednesday October 21st event. Why this day? Have you tried DuckDuckGo'ing or Googling for october 21 2015?

September 15th 2015, 20:00

hackers watching Razor & Blade's "Hack the planet". Released by United Artists Media Group. No copyright infringement intended; fair use reference, 20th anniversary blu ray can be bought here

Tuesday, September 15th 2015, Hackers is 20 years old! Time to grab your inline skates, box of floppies and a can of Jolt: it's movie time!

October 26th 2013, 19:00

Welke film wil jij nog zeker zien? Dit is de avond om dat te doen! Zal aanwezig zijn:

  1. Danny Witberg