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What is ACKspace?

ACKspace is a hackerspace in the south of Netherlands in the City of Heerlen within Limburg. It was founded in december 2010 by LuckY and PsychiC and Vicarious. Today, ACKspace is run by Prodigity and Stuiterveer and Wolkje. We encourage our participants to work out their ideas and contribute with workshops and projects. Together we are creating the place to be for all sorts of hackers out there.

What is a hackerspace?

We are amongst one on the many hackerspaces in the world fulfilling a need for the technical, creative and social minded to have a place where they can come together and share their knowledge. Our memberbase ranges from all ages, cultures and technical backgrounds. Although we are usually good with computers, we are not your PC helpdesk.

How to contact us?

You can contact us via many ways, but the easiest is to mail (, call (+31-45-71-12345), or use IRC (ircs://

Other ways to contact us can be found on the Communication page.

How to find us?

You can find us at ,

How to become a participant?

There are several ways to participate, but to get full privileges, you can sign up to be a participant. It will cost € 25 per month. For more information, see: Become a participant