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You are looking at an event that took place in the past
Event: Hackers on a Bike
State: Completed
Start date: 2020/05/30
Start time: 8:30
End date: 2020/05/31
End time: 19:00
Contact: xopr
Kind: Meeting, Party
Location: across Limburg
Fee: none, bring your bike
Short description: hackers across Limburg visit ACKspace by bike: Pinknick edition

Hackers on a bike Pinknick/Corona edition was completed successfully!

preliminary schedule

8:30 depart from xopr's
10:30 (@~30km) pause at the smallest width of the Netherlands
12:00 (@~50km) (maybe) pit-stop in Hoensbroek
12:20 (@~55km) (maybe) pickup Da Syntax
12:35 (@~60km) arrive at ACKspace

things to consider

  • bicycle repair tools
  • proper protection from the elements (poncho, hat, sunscreen, hoody)
  • Spacenet access which travels with us
  • food + drinks (and plates + cutlery)

extra info

Have any ideas to bring? Put them on the discussion page so we can make a short list

stats (previous run)

Part Distance Time Speed Note
First 33km 1:44h 19km/h
Second 36km 2:56h 12km/h includes lunch and 2 breaks
Total 69km 4:40h 15km/h

previous events & test runs

These are the test runs and attempts:

date who distance description
2013-07-06 Xopr 72km did a test run (it was actually to receive the prize of a bet which I won: Achel Trappist № 5) and found out that the comfort limit of an untrained person will be about 60km a day, so best practice is to keep the complete tour under this amount.
2013-07-13 Da Syntax 40km Herkenbosch to Heerlen; Great success! (xopr guesses)
2013-07-14 Da Syntax Xopr 52km did the actual trip from Heerlen to Weert
2013-07-14 Da Syntax 30km After a couple of beers (from all three countries we cycled through earlier that day) in Weert Da Syntax continued his journey Weert-Herkenbosch. This comes to a total of +/- 80km that day. So he guess it should be possible for a untrained person to cycle 80km in a day (maybe beer functions as a good motivator).
2014-05-17 Xopr 56km repeated his Achelse kluis tradition.
2015-05-23 Xopr 75km Went to Achel and Valkenswaard again without any hassle in an estimated 5 hours. Good position of the saddle is key.
2016-05-15 0km (cancelled) Pinknick edition. Trip was postponed due to weather conditions (13°C, 3-4bft NW, 65% @ 1.5mm, 40% sun)
2016-05-28 Xopr 47km Went to Achel again to drink some trappist, and made the trip within 4 hours. Had to shorten the route due to unforeseen circumstances.
2016-07-23 Da Syntax Xopr 69km Finally, finished Hackers on a Bike!