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xopr 12:32, 20 April 2016 (CEST): Ok, so here is the plan (proposal): If nothing fails, and everyone's personal deadlines are met, we start in Weert (we could start at my place, or a common intersection to lower the distance ;)

Some practical information

  • Da_Syntax's needs a project to finish; he can tell more about it end of April.
  • xopr has a birthday he has to attend on Saturday 14th
  • PsychiC has a party to attend on Monday 16th
  • assuming 15.5km/h (fairly relaxed speed), it takes approximately 2 hours from xopr to Da_Syntax, and 2:20 to go from there to ACKspace
  • The actual route on
  • Taking the bike on the train cost € 6.10 per day and it has to be put in compartments with the bicycle symbol (🚲) on it, unless it's a folding bike

Preliminary schedule

10:30 depart from xopr's
12:30 arrive at Da Syntax's
13:30 depart from Da Syntax's
15:50 arrive at ACKspace


  • fix bike(s)
    • xopr: better pedals, extra inner tube, pump, check repair kit + cleaning
  • fix (mobile)spacenet, use the GL-Inet (xopr and Da Syntax)
    • add/test cellular connection
    • add VPN connection (that stays up)
    • update default routing
    • add RADIUS client + IP
  • arrange lunch (Da Syntax?)
  • arrange dinner (BBQ!, Prodigity?)