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ACKspace has several (yet, currently unofficial) committees for various items to be maintained.

While everyone is to be seen as a volunteer, some things might need coordination or a point of contact.

Don't hesitate to add yourself to one or more committees: we need this work done, and we need volunteers for this. Also, if you want to form a committee, or want to be the contact of an event or maintenance task, just add the following property, and change this page or contact Stuiterveer(Secretary)

We need:

  • more people that have knowledge of the infrastructure
  • more people who know how to party
  • more people that can do shopping
  • more people that are familiar with the VoIP setup
  • more more moar!

(refresh table)

Infrastructure committee:

Party committee:

Inventory committee:

Telephony committee:

Please help out by adding yourself to one or more committees (log in or request an account first)