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Event: D&D Adventures
Featured: No
State: Active
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Contact: Wolkje
Location: ACKspace
Fee: Free
Short description: Event page for D&D activities within ACKspace membership



Er is naar voren gekomen dat er animo is voor het starten van een Dungeons & Dragons rollenspel groep. Hierbij de aangewezen wiki pagina waar informatie betreffende dit evenement gevonden kan worden, en waar deelnemers zich kunnen aanmelden voor deelname. Klik hier voor algemene informatie over het spel. Op termijn wordt de informatie hiernaast aangevuld.


Zodra aanmelding rond is en er een frequentie bepaald is, wordt hieronder een planning van d&d sessies weergegeven:

  • vrijdag, 17-01-2020
  • zondag, 09-02-2020
  • zondag, 08-03-2020
  • zondag, 22-03-2020
  • zondag, 05-04-2020


Iedere deelnemer die geïnteresseerd is in deelname aan een d&d groep kan zich hieronder d.m.v. nickname aanmelden. Indien het aantal personen groter dan zes betreft, wordt overwogen om meerdere groepen op te stellen. Laat ook achter je aanmelding weten of je ervaring hebt met d&d en of je wellicht de rol van dungeonmaster op je zou willen nemen.

First One-shot: The Missing Daughter


  • Bryn, a wood elf monk with an acolyte lifestyle by Stuiterveer
  • Chellioto, a human fighter of noble background by Prodigity
  • Lavinia, a lightfoot halfling rogue with a criminal reputation by Elzilla
  • Ralf, a human fighter and famous folk hero by Thunder1410
  • Salumon, a high elf wizard with an acolyte background by Computer1up
  • Thorin, a hill dwarf cleric and seasoned soldier by Adnub
  • Dungeon Master by Wolkje

Setting: In the city of Neverwinter a group of travelers gather to lend aid to a Nobleman whose daughter has gone missing. Gold awaits those who bring back the girl by following tracks that lead to the Neverwinter Wood. In search of coins, eager to get into battle or motivated to help those in need, the group starts their journey.

17-01-2020 Session Highlights: The Missing Daughter

  • The party follows tracks through the Neverwinter Wood to a sacred tomb
  • The party fights their way inside and to the chamber where Goblins and their Bugbear chief are performing a ritual, using the girl's blood
  • The party kills the evil creatures and saves the girl

First Campaign: The Lost Mines of Phandelver


  • Ciara Stormwind, a half elf druid with a hermit lifestyle by Elzilla
  • Elendir Silverleaf, a high elf fighter and researcher Adnub
  • Erdan, a wood elf ranger and bounty hunter by Thunder1410
  • Kylius Blackbard, a thiefling rogue with charlatan ways by Stuiterveer
  • Phann Edermath, a high elf rogue specializing in espionage by Computer1up
  • Dungeon Master by Wolkje

Setting: A trio of dwarven brothers have need of brave adventurers to aid them in search of the lost mines of Phandelver where magic resources and wealth awaits them. The party sets out on a transportation mission of mining equipment and rations from Neverwinter to Phandalin, where they will rendezvous with Gundren Rockseers, one of the brothers, and Sildar Hallwinter, a human knight.

09-02-2020 Session Highlights: Goblin Ambush

  • The party finds two dead horses on their way to Phandalin: they belonged to Gundren and Sildar
  • The party discovers it was a Goblin ambush and kills all the green creatures lurking about
  • The party notices a trail in the dirt where bodies where dragged into the thickets
  • The party hides their cart and oxes to pursue the tracks left by the Goblins

08-03-2020 Session Highlights: Cragmaw Hideout

  • The party finds wolves, chained and starved, in the Gragmaw Hideout cave and come to an agreement: freedom in exchange for their assistance in killing the Goblins in this cave. The three wolves agree to help.
  • The party finds Sildar Hallwinter, bruised and beaten nearly to death, held hostage by second-in-command Goblin Yeemik
  • Yeemik strikes a deal with the party: kill Klarg, the bugbear leader of the hideout, and Sildar shall live while Yeemik becomes the leader
  • Klarg manages to escape the battle with the party after his pet wolf Ripper dies
  • The party turns on Yeemik and his Goblins, killing them and saving Sildar Hallwinter
  • In Klarg's den the party finds stolen goods bearing the Lionshield Coster emblem: they carry the goods to their cart to bring them to Phandalin
  • Fenrir (NPC by Wolkje), the only wolf left standing after many battles in the Cragmaw Hideout agrees to follow the party in search of Klarg

22-03-2020 Session Highlights: The magic key (side mission/one-shot)

  • Party stumbles upon a hill giant with a magic key
  • Elendir, Erdan en Kylius use the key to enter a magic door leading to a puzzling room
  • The trio meets Esteria, a fairy dragon banished to guard the treasure
  • After solving many puzzles and deating four elemental creatures, the trio receives 1 potion of healing, 1 rope of climbing, 1 scroll of suggestion and 50 gold pieces. They also take the treasure chest with four marbles to sell in Phandalin

22-03-2020 Session Highlights: Arriving at Phandalin

  • Party returns stolen goods to Linene Graywind of Lionshield Coster
  • Party learns that Linene's nephew, Sem, has been missing along with the goods they returned
  • Party finds tracks of Klarg leading through the shrubbery and to the Townmaster's Hall. They use Fenrir to pick up a unknown scent coming from the woods east of the village.
  • Party successfully brings Gundren's goods to Barthen's Provisions
  • Phann finds the home of her uncle and breaks in to find a free place to sleep
  • Elendir visits Alderleaf Farm where he meets Qelinne Alderleaf and her little son Carp. He is offered free meals and a place to stay as they are not able to pay off their family debt to him
  • Ciara uses a spell to water the Alderleaf grounds and is offered a free meal in return
  • The party agrees to gather over a meal at Stonehill Inn with Sildar, Barthen and Linene the following morning and rent three rooms for the night