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Marked as outdated
this page hasn't been updated in a long time and some devices might have broken down or might not be available anymore

There are several development boards in the space:

  • Raspberry Pi (at least there should be one provided by xopr)
  • Banana Pi: Arm Allwinner A20
  • Cubieboard: Arm Allwinner A10 (CoolePascal has it at home)
  • Arduino/Genuino (Uno, Leonardo, Mega, Pro Mini, Nano) ans some shields that come with it..
  • MSP430
  • ESP-12E modules (for sale)
  • KNJN Pluto-3: Altera Cyclone 2 development board upgraded from ep2c5 to ep2c8 (Ask Prodigity)
  • Terasic DE0: Altera Cyclone 3 ep3c16 development board (Ask Prodigity)
  • EBV DB4CGX15 Altera Cyclone 4 GX EP4CG15 PCIe development board (Ask Danny Witberg)
  • TMDX5505EZDSP Texas Instruments TMS320C5505 EZDSP USB development board (Ask Danny Witberg)
  • Avalue ECM-LX800 3.5" X86 compatible AMD Geode SBC (Ask Danny Witberg)
  • Mini-Box Pico-SAM9G45 Embedded Linux SBC (Ask Danny Witberg)
  • Digilent Nexys3 Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA development board (Ask Danny Witberg)
  • Cypress CY8CKIT Psoc4 prototyping kit

Also see for a list of 300+ boards


Some projects using these development boards: