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Dialplan changed as of 2022/01/24
The dialplan has changed which impact a couple of the existing services. See following table for the changed numbers
number becomes was
1333 External Echo test "key people", deprecated since 2013
1334 External Identification local echo test, moved
1335 External Late echo test local delayed echo test, moved
1357 (deprecated) local ident, moved
1377 (deprecated) remote ident, moved
1354 Local Ident (new number)
1374 Remote Ident (new number)

used numbers

dialplan destination VPS status
(\+|00)([1-9]\d+) international 2024-03: unknown
0[1-9]\d+ long distance 2024-03: working
100 ring all onsite (ACKspace) extensions 2024-03: unknown
10[1-9] onsite (ACKspace) extensions 2024-03: unknown
112 European harmonized (emergency)1 2024-03: unknown
116\d{3} European harmonized (social interest)1 2024-03: unknown
1200 ACKspace portal (external IVR) 2024-03: conference
1201 alternate IVR (events) 2024-03: unknown
1233 mailbox1 2024-03: unknown
1244 prepaid calling credits2 2024-03: unknown
1300 listen-in event conference rooms IVR 2024-03: KINK radio
130[1-9] listen-in event conference rooms 1-9 2024-03: temporarily disabled (SIT)
1331 External conference room 2024-03: working
1332, 13ec External Conference room 2024-03: unknown
1333, 13ee External Echo test 2024-03: unknown
1334, 13ei External server Identification and ANAC 2024-03: echo service
1335, 13el External Late echo test 2024-03: working
1336, 13em External "Motivationals": 1 motivational per call 2024-03: working
1337, 13er, bergeijk External Radio Bergeijk 2024-03: not working
1340 Hackerspace state 2024-03: not working
1351 Local conference room 2024-03: not working
1352, 13lc Local Conference room 2024-03: not working
1353, 13le, echo Local Echo test 2024-03: not working
1354, 13li Local server Identification and ANAC 2024-03: not working
1355, 13ll Local Late echo test 2024-03: not working
1356, 13lm Local "Motivationals"3 2024-03: not working
1357, 13lr (Local Radio)3 2024-03: Local ident
1371 Remote conference room 2024-03: not working
1372, 13rc Remote Conference room 2024-03: not working
1373, 13re Remote Echo test 2024-03: not working
1374, 13ri Remote server Identification and ANAC 2024-03: not working
1375, 13rl Remote Late echo test 2024-03: not working
1376, 13rp, 13po, poetry Remote Motivational, '76 poetry; 1 poem per call 2024-03: working
1377 (Remote Radio)3 2024-03: not working
1380 Time service 2024-03: not working
1388 Forward to Test setup 2024-03: time service
139[1-9] party-line event conference rooms 1-9 2024-03: not working/disabled
140\d\d+ government services1 2024-03: unknown
150 ring all offsite extensions 2024-03: unknown
15[1-9] offsite extensions 2024-03: unknown
16\d\d carrier select1 2024-03: unknown
170\d+ reserved for future (expanding) purposes 2024-03: unknown
17[1-9] participants extensions 2024-03: unknown
18\d\d subscriber information service 2024-03: unknown
19\d participants extensions 2024-03: unknown
[2-8]\d{6} local numbers (Heerlen, 045) 2024-03: unknown
9\d\d SpacePhone (interhackerspace enum extensions) 2024-03: unknown
1) currently not in use
2) not available due to IP restrictions
3) reserved/cool down; might become available

Note that numbers for remote and external network services behave differently:

  • Local services are called on the server itself (where the user is calling to)
  • Remote services are either upstream (parent) if it is a private server (typically behind NAT),
    or a fallback (sibling) server in case of a public server
  • External might be of several things:
    • alternative upstream (fallback server)
    • alternative sibling (fallback or 2nd fallback server)
    • 3rd party service

One can make the assumption that remote services within the space are forwarded to it's local service upstream (public VPS) with a few minor exceptions: Motivationals and Radio can be serviced anywhere; see it as Bergeijk being external and Poetry comes via (emulated) Citizens band radio and thus is remote

Complete list of reserved extensions on the wiki:

Reserved extension numbers100

Dutch diaplan

Almost exhaustive dialplan, compatible with Dutch PSTN as defined by Ministry of Economic affairs and monitored/policed by ACM (formerly OPTA)
dialplan regex type remark
01[12356789][\d]{7} Geographical numbers
014\d\d+ Internal network service
0[2357][\d]{8} Geographical numbers
044\d{3,11} European routing only 0444 seems available
06[123458][\d]{7} cell numbers
066[\d]{7} Pager
067([0-5]{3}|[0-5]{7} ISP access
0676[12345789] [UNREGISTERED]
06760[\d]{7} ISP access
067[7-9]\d\d [UNREGISTERED]
0800(\d{4}|\d{7}) Toll free information numbers
082\d+ VPN
08[47][\d]{7} Personal assistant services
0(85|91)\d{7} General Electronic communications
088[\d]{7} Business numbers
090[069](\d{4}|\d{7}) Paid information numbers
09[2345689] [UNREGISTERED]
0970[\d]{8} available?
10\d{3} Carrier select ACKspace main (10xx)
112 European harmonized
116\d{3} European harmonized
120[0-4] Harmonized for own network Customer service
1233 Direct voicemail Voicemail
1234 Voice dial
1244 Pre paid service menu
13[03-9]\d Local network facilities special services
131 Hide caller ID
132 Show caller ID
14\d{2,3} Harmonised services of social value General Affairs Department
16\d\d Carrier select
17[0-8][\d] [UNREGISTERED] TBD.
18([02-9]\d|1[0-79]) Subscriber information service (except 1818)
19[\d]{3} [UNREGISTERED] Registered users external
(045) 2201000-2299999 [AVAILABLE] Local emergency call
(045) 4200000-4299999 [AVAILABLE] Xopr(?)
(045) 4400000-4499999 [AVAILABLE] Local emergency call
(045) 9[\d]* [UNREGISTERED] (Local) emergency call, 911, 999
2222|4444|112|911|999 (Local) emergency call

Also note that 085 can have a special tariff

FreeSWITCH dialplan