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Some information on tested Fritz!Boxes.

For a list of devices with their specs, check the wikipedia page

Model Pulse support
Fon WLAN 7270 yes
Fon WLAN 7340 no(?)*
Fon WLAN 7360 untested(?)*

*) Responds to dialing 999 by calling all extensions connected.

internal numbers

See (German)

recover SIP settings

Copied from

  • enable telnet by calling #96*7* (you can use "Click to dial" in the webinterface)
  • telnet to your box's IP (alternatively, you could use or
  • export the VoIP part of the config
    allcfgconv -C voip -o /var/tmp/temp -c
  • display the contents (filter by "password")
    cat /var/tmp/temp |grep passwd
  • disable telnet (#96*8*)

annex A/B/...

I think typically Dutch consumer DSL is annex A (POTS). See the wikipedia page on G.992.3.

  • A: POTS: upstream starts at 25kHz
  • B: ISDN: upstream starts at 138kHz

other notes

  • set DTMF transmission to "RTP or in-band" if FreeSWITCH doesn't respond to the input, and displays the following message on the console:
    IGNORE INFO DTMF(4) (This channel was not configured to use INFO DTMF!)

connecting the Fritz!Box

  • Note that the Fritz!Box is pretty quirky regarding SIP: it can't handle a 407-unauthorized correctly when in router mode (which is needed to differentiate between public and internal calls). xopr had more success setting the device as a flat switch and putting it behind a generic router (tested with a ZyXel).
  • It also doesn't like usernames; you have to start with a number and change it afterwards.
  • It does seem to have more ring power than the tested ZyXel, though.