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You are looking at an event that took place in the past
Event: Hackers on a Bike
Featured: No
State: Stalled
Start date: 2021/05/22
Start time: 8:30
End date: 2021/05/24
End time: 19:00
Contact: xopr
Kind: Meeting, Party
Location: across Limburg
Fee: none, bring your bike
Short description: hackers across Limburg visit ACKspace by bike: Pinknick edition

Hackers on a bike Pinknick/Corona edition rerun. If weather and circumstances permit, xopr is going for a rerun on last year's edition.

preliminary schedule

8:30 depart from xopr's
10:30 (@~30km) pause at the smallest width of the Netherlands
pickup hackers along the way
13:00 (@~60km) arrive at ACKspace

things to consider

  • bicycle repair tools
  • proper protection from the elements (poncho, hat, sunscreen, hoody, spare clothes)
  • Spacenet access which travels with us
  • food + drinks (and plates + cutlery, polycarbonate glassware)

extra info

Have any ideas to bring? Put them on the discussion page so we can make a short list

pics or it didn't happen



Part Distance Time Speed Note
First 33km 1:44h 19km/h
Second 36km 2:56h 12km/h includes lunch and 2 breaks
Total 69km 4:40h 15km/h

previous events & test runs

These are the test runs and attempts:

date who distance description
2013-07-06 Xopr 72km did a test run (it was actually to receive the prize of a bet which I won: Achel Trappist № 5) and found out that the comfort limit of an untrained person will be about 60km a day, so best practice is to keep the complete tour under this amount.
2013-07-13 Da Syntax 40km Herkenbosch to Heerlen; Great success! (xopr guesses)
2013-07-14 Da Syntax Xopr 52km did the actual trip from Heerlen to Weert
2013-07-14 Da Syntax 30km After a couple of beers (from all three countries we cycled through earlier that day) in Weert Da Syntax continued his journey Weert-Herkenbosch. This comes to a total of +/- 80km that day. So he guess it should be possible for a untrained person to cycle 80km in a day (maybe beer functions as a good motivator).
2014-05-17 Xopr 56km repeated his Achelse kluis tradition.
2015-05-23 Xopr 75km Went to Achel and Valkenswaard again without any hassle in an estimated 5 hours. Good position of the saddle is key.
2016-05-15 0km (cancelled) Pinknick edition. Trip was postponed due to weather conditions (13°C, 3-4bft NW, 65% @ 1.5mm, 40% sun)
2016-05-28 Xopr 47km Went to Achel again to drink some trappist, and made the trip within 4 hours. Had to shorten the route due to unforeseen circumstances.
2016-07-23 Da Syntax Xopr 69km Finally, finished Hackers on a Bike!
2020-05-30 2020-05-31 Xopr 56 + 56km Corona pincknick edition: despite the fairly low profile/short notice, picked up Da Syntax and Computer1up, and several other people showed up on ACKspace's parking lot which was really awesome given all constraints. Broke bike support and took home a lack table in the bycicle cart. This edition had everything!